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Huawei and InfoVista Jointly Announce Establishment of Open Cooperation in SD-WAN

Working Together to Deliver Ultimate Experience in Enterprise WAN Interconnections

Jun 13, 2018

[Hannover, Germany, June 13, 2018] At CEBIT 2018, Huawei and InfoVista jointly announced the establishment of their open cooperation in the field of SD-WAN. The cooperation will promote the development of the SD-WAN industry and deliver ultimate experience in enterprise WAN interconnections to enterprise customers.

Huawei’s SD-WAN solution provides enterprise customers with all-scenario interconnections of branches, headquarters, data centers, and clouds, as well as using application-based intelligent traffic steering and acceleration, open Universal Customer Premises Equipment (uCPEs), and cloud-based visualized Operations and Maintenance (O&M) to provide the rapid service innovation and flexible changes required by enterprise customers. Huawei's series of uCPEs (including the AR1600 series and AR650 series) support on-demand provisioning of more than 10 types of Huawei and third-party Value-added Services (VASs), such as virtual firewall (vFW) and virtual WAN optimization controller (vWOC). These VASs can be flexibly orchestrated and automatically delivered by Huawei’s Agile Controller, achieving VAS provisioning in minutes and making slow and inflexible service provisioning a thing of the past.

InfoVista, a leader in network performance orchestration solutions provides enterprises with solutions capable of delivering business applications in compliance with the Service Level Agreement (SLA) on any network including the Internet. InfoVista has competitive advantages in multiple areas such as application data analytics models, network traffic optimization algorithms, service visibility, and application analytics.

The combination of Huawei's open SD-WAN solution and InfoVista’s Virtualized Network Function (VNF) will significantly improve the use experience of WAN networks. InfoVista’s solutions automatically maximize application performance over the WAN by orchestrating business application performance for every user, regardless of the IT complexity (number of applications, number of sites, telecom providers, number of users, etc.), thus achieving application visibility and control, dynamic hybrid WAN, WAN security, and WAN optimization. The solutions combine in-depth flow visibility together with sophisticated control algorithms down to the flow level to enforce SLA compliance.

Huawei executives Wang Shaosen and Yang Te, and InfoVista's Faiq Khan, pose on stage to represent open cooperation in SD-WAN

Wang Shaosen (Left), General Manager of Huawei Enterprise Gateway Domain, Yang Te (Right), Director of Huawei Enterprise Gateway Marketing & Sales, and Faiq Khan (Middle), SVP of InfoVista, jointly announce the establishment of open cooperation in SD-WAN.

Wang Shaosen, General Manager of Huawei Enterprise Gateway Domain, said: "Through a fully open SD-WAN ecosystem, Huawei is committed to building a win-win ecosystem with the industry and has already achieved remarkable results in this regard. We are delighted to have the chance to establish this partnership with InfoVista in the SD-WAN field to innovate together and provide a new impetus for the development of network and cloud application technologies. We believe that this close cooperation will provide more choices for our customers in terms of accelerating application delivery."

Faiq Khan, SVP of InfoVista, said: "The partnership between InfoVista and Huawei unlocks a new era for SD-WAN through the enablement of rich application intelligence. It provides validation for our core belief that InfoVista's application performance optimization proposition is a critical requirement for advanced SD-WAN offerings. The combined solution allows enterprises to fully realize the benefits of today’s digital transformation."

As enterprise customers continue to migrate their applications and infrastructure to the cloud, Huawei's joint innovation with InfoVista will provide WAN interconnections with ultimate experience to enterprise customers and help them achieve greater agility and flexibility, accelerating their service innovation.

Huawei together with its partners and customers is showcasing new digital transformation solutions to orchestrate a digital symphony at CEBIT from June 11-15 in Germany, the home of classical music. It is also hosting activities and sharing best practices around Cloud Computing, Artificial Intelligence (AI), Big Data, Internet of Things (IoT) and Software-Defined Networking (SDN), all of which play a critical role in today’s digital transformation.

Huawei’s booth is at Area C01 in Hall 13, Hannover Exhibition Center, Germany.