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In 2018 Huawei Service China to Invest One Hundred Million RMB to Further Stimulate the Service Ecosystem

Mar 22, 2018

[Qingdao, China, March 22, 2018] At the Huawei China Eco-Partner Conference 2018, Huawei Service organized a forum titled 'Huawei Service Enables the Industry Digital Transformation’ attended by more than 500 guests. During the forum Huawei Services reported rapid revenue growth in China and announced an investment of 100 million RMB to expand its ecosystem.


Rapid growth of Huawei Services Revenue

Over the past five years, Huawei Service has maintained a rapid revenue growth in China with an annual compound growth rate of 62%. In particular, service partners achieved an outstanding development in 2017 with 6 partners generating service revenue of over 100 million RMB, another 6 reached over 50 million RMB and 44 have reached over 10 million of service revenue.

The development of new service products has also stimulated the success and expansion of the partner ecosystem. The ecosystem integration of service partners has resulted in the creation of the CSP (Certified Service Partner) as well as the CSSP (Certified Service Solution Partner) programs. CSP’s provide mostly basic services, and currently there are over 2000 CSP’s in China; Three- or more star CSPs account for 44% of total CSPs, of which 76 are five-star CSP; CSSPs focus on industry scenarios and provide comprehensive industry services. There are already 34 CSSPs who jointly developed and implemented 5 industries service solutions.

Consolidate the Platform + Ecosystem 

Sun Maolu, President of Huawei Enterprise Services, said, “Platform + Ecosystem is Huawei’s long-term development strategy. The platform is indispensable for the ecosystem, and the platform is so vibrant because of its ecosystem. Huawei is committed to the ICT ecosystem promoting the continuous progress of the digital and intelligent society through the ecosystem alliance. ”

Sun Maolu, President of Huawei EBG's Technical Service Dept., delivers his speech at the China Eco-Partner Conference 2018

Sun Maolu, President of Technical Service Department, Huawei Enterprise Business Group

In the digital era, an intelligent service platform is built to enable service partners to promote joint development. Director of China Professional Service Department, Wang Hui, added, “The service platform, through sharing delivery and unified operation and maintenance, facilitates the partners’ promotion, enhances collaboration, development, quality of service and increases competitiveness."

Regarding the shared delivery platform and the digital transformation of industries, a full-time R&D team is dedicated to the construction of verification centers and tool platforms. Currently, Huawei has established service delivery verification centers for public security, government, and finance industries, labs for new technologies such as cloud and big data, and solution verification centers for remote delivery scenarios. Huawei's shared delivery platform is open to partners to share capabilities and resources; it aims to increase cooperation in solution pre-integration, project verification, joint development, and joint innovation which will the improve the efficiency and productivity  of the partner service delivery.

Huawei's unified Operation & Management (O&M) platform is built based on user-oriented agile services, intelligent operations oriented towards operators, and efficient O&M for administrators. Its key differentiators are O&M big data resources and Artificial Intelligence (AI) O&M algorithms. The unified O&M platform collects O&M fault data, O&M models, and O&M cases through the support platform. The AI engine developed by Huawei 2012 Laboratories is used as the core of the platform to build seven intelligent O&M engines covering monitoring, management, control, use, service, marketing, and database. In addition, the open micro-service architecture facilitates the access of partner tools and O&M data, and it is developed for partners and various O&M scenarios.

Leveraging the talent ecosystem to fuel business potential

Digitization is entering all aspects of life, and ICT talent has become the key resource for the competition in the industry. To this end, Huawei will continue to build the new industry talent chain for the digital age, develop more technologies and ICT industry certifications, as well as guide talents to transform from technology focused to high-end industry expert. In China, Huawei cooperates with more than 200 educational institutions and universities, including 34 of the top colleges and universities, to build a talent standard. Huawei will invest more than 100 million RMB in China to incentivize service sales, service delivery and training for partners to increase the capability and future opportunities.

For digital transformation, customers are paying more and more attention to the value and success of services; as a result, service solutions focusing on the industry are necessary. Huawei looks forward to cooperate with partners, sharing with them long-term and joint service innovation, for a future with new opportunities and win-win cooperation.