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Storage and Data Protection Upgrades for All-Flash DCs

May 12, 2022

[Munich, Germany, May 12, 2022] At the Innovative Data Infrastructure Forum, Huawei today announced the upgraded OceanStor Dorado all-flash storage and OceanProtect Backup Storage products for all-flash data centers. The container storage solution, ransomware protection storage solution, and datacenter storage tool kit are now added to these series, accelerating the push for ubiquitous, secure, and green data services.


Peter Kruth giving a keynote speech

Generally, over 90% of all storage capacity in an all-flash data center will run on solid state disks (SSDs), the media featuring high density, high reliability, low latency, and low power consumption that are perfect for enterprises' core and emerging services and applications. At the event, Huawei announced the full list of upgraded enterprise storage and data protection products. These include:

● OceanStor Dorado all-flash storage: It is the industry's only storage system to provide active-active disaster recovery (DR) solutions for both SAN and NAS.

With 21 million IOPS, 0.05 ms latency, and 99.99999% reliability, OceanStor Dorado SAN storage provides efficient and reliable data services for databases and virtualization applications.

OceanStor Dorado NAS storage comprehensively improves file-sharing applications. The global distributed file system delivers 30% higher NAS performance than the benchmark product in the industry. The tolerance of failure of seven out of eight controllers and active-active DR, provide 99.99999% reliability for NAS services. The NAS system offers industry-leading performance, always-on service and excellent data security protection for typical file scenarios such as CAD/CAE systems, carriers' CDR systems, PACS images, and financial bills.

● The container storage solution for OceanStor Dorado NAS: This solution provides 30% faster resource scheduling and deployment, supporting cross-node data sharing, and on-demand application expansion without copying data. This meets the requirements of constantly-evolving data services.

● OceanProtect Backup Storage: Inspired by F2F2X (Flash-to-Flash-to-Anything), this product provides 3x and 5x higher backup and recovery bandwidths than the industry average, and 72:1 data reduction ratio, helping users achieve efficient backup and recovery to address new challenges in data protection.

● Huawei Ransomware Protection Storage Solution for primary (OceanStor Dorado) and backup (OceanProtect) storage: The solution provides comprehensive storage protection to effectively defend against ransomware attacks, protecting enterprises from losses caused by ransomware attacks.

● Full-lifecycle datacenter storage consolidation tool kit, incl. SmartIDC, MigrationDirector, and Data Management Engine (DME): SmartIDC provides one-click datacenter storage status insight; MigrationDirector implements all-online and -scenario, and automatic data migration; and DME enables intelligent data management, improving resource utilization by 30% and O&M efficiency by five times.

Peter Kruth, Huawei Europe FSI (Financial Services Industry) CTO, said, "Huawei storage will continue to innovate based on technological breakthroughs and customer requirements. We aim to help customers build all-flash data centers, by providing data acceleration, data innovation, and green and low-carbon capabilities for ubiquitous data services."