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Huawei L3 ADN Solution for Campuses: "Three Zeros" Digital Experience

Jun 15, 2022

[Shenzhen, China, June 15, 2022] At the Huawei Partner & Developer Conference 2022, Huawei unveiled the L3 autonomous driving network (ADN) solution for enterprise campuses. Featuring "three zeros" — zero-wait service provisioning, zero application interruption, and zero risks access — this solution redefines automatic management and O&M for enterprise campus networks, accelerating the pace of enterprise digital transformation.

According to the International Data Corporation (IDC) report on worldwide digital transformation in 2022, Chinese enterprises have shifted from pilot studies to promising innovations and are heading towards to a digital-first world by harnessing a range of technologies, such as cloud computing, big data, and IoT. As the basis of enterprise digital operations, campus networks are witnessing an explosive growth of connections and data. This pushes manual operations to the limit when it comes to coping with complex network management and O&M, dynamically guaranteeing service experience, and securing user access.

Jerry Guo, President of Huawei NCE-Data Communication Domain,Introducing Huawei L3 ADN Solution for Campuses

Huawei L3 ADN Solution for Campuses is ideal for handling such challenges. The solution uses powerful technologies — such as intelligent network recommendation, in-band flow measurement, real-time simulation, intelligent terminal identification, and zero-trust access — to help enterprises comprehensively enhance their campus network capabilities.

• Zero-wait service provisioning: Networks can be planned and deployed based on service intents, and services can be provisioned within minutes. For example, to provision a supermarket network, all you need to do is input the area, terminal count, and office information. The system then recommends an ideal solution for you, helping you determine the networking mode, positions for installing wireless access points, and methods to implement security isolation. The networking solution recommendations have a 95% accuracy and networks can be set up within 30 minutes.

• Zero application interruption: The solution can detect network-wide KPIs and service SLAs, define service experience baselines, and automatically optimize networks within minutes.

• Zero risks access: Leveraging technologies such as intelligent terminal identification, automatic terminal characteristic analysis, and dynamic control, the solution implements zero-trust secure access of massive terminals.

Jerry Guo, President of Huawei NCE-Data Communication Domain, said: "We expect ADN for campuses to be automated in the future, meaning that they can be deployed based on user intents and be self-optimized to deliver optimal user experience. What's more, networks should be self-learning and self-evolving to eventually achieve the ultimate goal of full autonomy."

In the years to come, Huawei will continue to react to scenario changes and innovate technologies in order to develop ADN standards for campuses with optimal user experience. Huawei will also spare no efforts to build automated and intelligent networks, and join hands with customers and partners to accelerate their pursuit of ADN for campuses to deliver full autonomy, agile business, ultimate experience, and efficient O&M.