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Huawei and Flexxible IT Unveil Industry O&M Hi-Ops 3.0 Service Solution

Mar 01, 2022

[Barcelona, Spain, March 1, 2022] During Mobile World Congress 2022, Huawei and Flexxible IT partner unveiled the industry O&M Hi-Ops 3.0 service solution to build digital industry O&M services.

With the deepening of digital transformation, the traditional O&M mode has changed. The O&M platform collects, organizes, and analyzes O&M data to gradually define O&M value baselines, thereby making O&M values more visible. Second, widely used advanced technologies, such as massive log analysis, improve O&M efficiency and reduce costs.

Huawei officially unveiled the industry O&M Hi-Ops 3.0, which is simply "1+2+3=N". It enables operational O&M value, situation awareness, and risk prediction. In the industry O&M Hi-Ops 3.0 solution, "1" refers to the unified O&M platform IMOC(Intelligent Maintenance and Operation Center) developed by Huawei. "2" refers to two types of O&M services: basic O&M services and digital O&M services. Basic O&M services include O&M coordination, routine O&M, O&M management, and continuous improvement. Digital O&M services include O&M digital transformation consulting, O&M digital construction, and O&M digital operation. "3" refers to three types of partners: platform component partners, adaptation development partners, and solution joint partners. “N” refers to different O&M scenarios, such as smart city, smart transportation, smart finance, and smart government.

O&M value operationalization: It means establishing an O&M value model and system driven by business objectives. Step by step, sort out the O&M objective from the service objective, establish the indicator system based on the O&M objective, perform system modeling, then solidify the platform, then verify the service result, and finally perform continuous operation of O&M.

Situation awareness: All links of the service chain, data chain, and deployment chain are streamlined to draw a service awareness map to realize real-time service situation awareness. Visualize data and architecture association to quickly demarcate and locate service faults, including locating and tracing service/service problems, locating and tracing system resource problems, locating and tracing hardware faults, and analyzing event correlation and impact.

Risk prediction: It starts from full-stack monitoring, and creates more than 5000 fault trees by capturing data from the platform layer, data layer, service layer, and application layer, by means of status acquisition and threshold management, model algorithm management, data relationship analysis, active detection, and user behavior simulation. Intelligent predictive monitoring.

Huawei industry O&M Hi-Ops 3.0 includes three types of capability partners: platform component partners, which can quickly meet customer requirements by introducing mature components, including IT infrastructure monitoring, IP address management, APM, 3D visualization, and network performance management. Adaptation development partner, which provides personalized adaptation services for customers, including visualized design development, portal adaptation development, adapter development, process interconnection, and tool integration. Solution partners jointly provide O&M service solutions, including data visualization solution, remote O&M solution, and application monitoring solution.

Flexxible IT is a Huawei-certified CSP. It is headquartered in Spain and has branches in Europe and the United States. Flexxible IT has a 7 x 24 x 365 support team to help customers handle emergencies and maintenance. It also has a 7*24-hour proactive monitoring system to help customers prevent and identify hardware problems. Mr. Kilian Arjona(CTO, Flexxible IT) said:” Huawei has cooperated with Flexxible IT since last year. Currently, Huawei has cooperated with multiple NAs”.

In the future, Huawei will work with more partners to tailor your digital transformation and inspire more transformation value.

Kilian Arjona, CTO of Flexxible IT and close collaborator with Huawei, delivers his speech at MWC Barcelona 2022

Mr. Kilian Arjona,CTO of Flexxible IT

Mobile World Congress 2022 takes place from February 28 to March 3 in Barcelona, Spain. Located in the 1H50 area of Hall 1 of Fira Gran Via.