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Huawei Coal Mine Team Promotes Smart Mines Worldwide

May 16, 2022

[Cape Town, South African, May 16, 2022] The South African Digital Mining Summit was held in Cape Town on May 9-12. At the summit, Xu Jun, CTO of Huawei Coal Mine Team, introduced that Huawei, as a leading global ICT infrastructure and smart device provider, set up the Coal Mine Team in early 2021, focusing on Huawei's best technical and R&D experts. Huawei has built an advanced industrial Internet framework and developed various smart mining solutions for mining groups such as China National Energy, Shaanxi Coal, and Shandong Gold.

The MineHarmony operating system, which is specially built for mines, has been responded by hundreds of mining partners and has become a milestone event for the mining industry to build an industrial Internet.

Xu Jun, CTO of the Huawei Mining Team, presenting digital mining solutions at the 2022 South African Digital Mining Summit

At the summit, mining companies in South Africa said that the development of the mining industry cannot be achieved without global cooperation. They are looking forward to bringing Huawei's excellent smart mining solutions and proven experience in China to mining companies and partners around the world.

Intelligentization is the Inevitable Trend of Mining Industry Development

In the new phase of intelligentization, the mining industry in South Africa and the world are facing two major challenges to ensure safe, green, and efficient mine production, to achieve green and low-carbon transformation, and to lay a foundation for achieving the "double carbon" goal in the future.

The first is the challenge of incomplete network coverage and data silos.

In the process of intelligent construction of mines, due to the lack of standard system to guide intelligent construction, various information systems of enterprises cannot be interconnected and interoperated, various production equipment interfaces are not unified, data is isolated, data is difficult to share and flow smoothly, and the value of information systems cannot be brought into play. In addition, it is difficult to upgrade and evolve the system.

The second is the operational challenge.

The special production environment and equipment of mines often lack effective management means, which leads to frequent accidents. Mining enterprises pay attention to the investment of production equipment, but the investment in operation and management is less, which leads to lower management efficiency and higher cost. There are many mining enterprises, involving large enterprise parks, equipment types, people and vehicles, making it difficult to manage people, money and materials.

For mining enterprises, to meet these two challenges, in fact, the new communication and information technology and coal production service flows are deeply integrated to achieve the goal of intelligentization. Therefore, solid information infrastructure is indispensable.

At the summit, a mining enterprise in South Africa said that we believe that Huawei's ICT technologies can deeply integrate OT, IT, and CT systems to build an industrial Internet system that runs through all business flows of mining enterprises.

Intelligent infrastructure in mines takes the lead

At the summit, Liao Yong, president of Huawei's Southern Africa Enterprise Business Dept, said, "Building an industrial Internet platform based on a unified architecture and standard and reconstructing the information infrastructure of existing coal enterprises is the only way to deposit data assets and build Mining 4.0."

Liao Yong, President of Huawei's Southern Africa Enterprise Business Dept., presenting at the 2022 Digital Mining Summit

To this end, Huawei launched the FTTM all-optical industrial network and the converged IP industrial network for mines around the world by taking advantage of the summit in South Africa to build an intelligent mine network base that features "one-network bearing, integrated security, and one-click O&M", implementing comprehensive bearing of multiple services in underground mines and reducing construction costs. Wireless communications cover all-time, simplified network O&M through the intelligent O&M platform, and built an all-round defense system to ensure mine network protection.

Compared with traditional underground industrial ring networks, the converged IP industrial network uses innovative network slicing technologies to ensure service level agreements (SLAs) for different services. In this way, eLTE/5G can be carried on a physical network. In addition, it can carry multiple existing underground services, such as video monitoring, production control, and power monitoring, protecting customers' investment and upgrading the underground industrial ring network.

Currently, underground wireless network coverage is relatively weak. Through eLTE/5G+Wi-Fi 6 collaboration, underground wireless coverage can be achieved, meeting the requirements of underground mobile production and fixed monitoring scenarios.

Based on Huawei's 20-year technical accumulation in the wireless communications field, Huawei launched the eLTE wireless broadband private network solution. By using the broadband multimedia digital trunking technology, One network and one terminal can provide various services, such as professional voice trunking, broadband data transmission, HD video uploading, and distribution and scheduling, to reduce the TCO.

Huawei's eLTE system has the advantages of wide coverage. The coverage distance of a single base station can reach a radius of 2 km. Terrain changes do not cause significant interference to eLTE coverage. O&M personnel do not need to optimize eLTE coverage. In addition, dedicated frequencies can be applied for to avoid interference from common spectrums, improving service reliability and reliability.

In addition to high bandwidth, reliability and low latency are more important for South Africa's mining network infrastructure.

With the support of information infrastructure technologies, AI videos and other applications can replace the boring and repetitive work of human beings and avoid human errors, thereby improving safety and production efficiency of mines.

For example, in a mine of Shanxi Jinneng Holding Group, China, Huawei AI vision technology is used to intelligently monitor dangerous areas and supporting processes during tunneling operations using algorithms such as target detection, target tracking, and motion detection. Check whether the personnel in the tunneling operation process operate according to the regulations and standards to ensure the quality of the tunneling operation and the safety of the operators.

Coal Mine Team Dedicates to Global Mining Intelligence

Xu Jun said at the summit:“In the tide of mining intelligence, Huawei Coal Mine Team will be oriented to mining enterprises and become the preferred partner for customers' digital transformation.”

According to the introduction, Huawei Coal Mine Team combines expert teams from basic industry research, product research, and market delivery to shorten the industry chain, quickly adapt to the changing requirements of the global market, and work with production enterprises and partners to build a healthy and healthy industry and business ecosystem to help customers realize social value.

No matter in China or overseas markets, Huawei Coal Mine Team is committed to promoting the digital transformation of the global mining industry based on the requirements of "safe, green, and efficient" in the mining industry, creating new value space for the industry and mining enterprises.

In addition, Huawei plans an end-to-end scenario-based solution for the mining industry, leverages the integration advantages of Huawei's product lines, builds customer loyalty on the platform and ecosystem, and builds global and replicable smart mining solutions for the industry, continuously empowers the industry, and helps customers achieve business success.

At the same time, to solve the problem of efficient production and safety production in mines, so that mine workers can "wear suits and ties" to work.

Huawei Coal Mine Team is committed to sharing industry data, capabilities, knowledge, talent, and platforms based on unified standards and architecture. And under the premise of "safety", the intelligent development of mines with high efficiency and intensive efficiency is really achieved.