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Huawei CloudCampus 3.0 Redefines Campus Networks with Superfast User Experience and Superfast Access to Clouds

Mar 04, 2022

[Barcelona, Spain, March 4, 2022] During the Mobile World Congress (MWC 2022), Huawei unveiled its newly upgraded CloudCampus 3.0 Solution at the IP Club Carnival, and in doing so took a major step in redefining campus networks. CloudCampus 3.0 redefines campus access by offering "300 Mbps @ Everywhere", redesigns the campus network architecture from three layers to two layers, and rethinks cloud access for branches through site-to-cloud leased lines, doubling cloud access efficiency.

With the rise of emerging technologies, such as cloud, IoT, and big data, enterprise digitalization extends from workplaces to production and operation spaces, and from HQ to branches and clouds. Against this backdrop, enterprise campuses are expected to enable intelligent, collaborative office and production environments for improved team creativity and better agile collaboration. On top of that, enterprise campuses need to accelerate cloud access for services, paving the way for global service collaboration amid the fast changing business environment.

Campus networks — connecting terminals on one end and clouds on the other end — are the cornerstone for digital campus construction. In traditional campus network architecture, campus networks connect only the local enterprise office applications and wired office terminals, with wireless networks simply supplementing wired networks. This results in discontinuous user experience and frequent disconnections and frame freezing. Worse yet, traditional leased lines fail to enable efficient cloud access for numerous enterprise branches.

Steven Zhao, Vice President of Huawei's Data Communication Product Line, said: "Campus networks are of vital importance. On the one hand, various types of terminals are connected through LANs to implement all-scenario data exchange. On the other hand, SD-WAN is needed to enable access to clouds. As such, enterprises urgently need a campus network that enables superfast access to clouds and superfast user experience."

Statistics for the super-fast access to clouds and user experience of the Huawei CloudCampus 3.0 Solution

Huawei CloudCampus 3.0 Solution

Huawei's all-new CloudCampus 3.0 fully meets these expectations with continued upgrades, making the solution ideal for building an experience-centric campus network.

As always, Huawei makes continued innovations in the WLAN and switch fields to ensure superfast user experience in enterprise office campuses.

To elaborate, Huawei AirEngine Wi-Fi 6 series products leverage AI roaming and smart antenna technologies to achieve fully-wireless continuous networking, allowing on-the-move users to use the network anytime, anywhere. Such feature-rich products also draw on the intelligent multimedia scheduling algorithm to guarantee premium voice and video conferences. Other highlights include Huawei AirEngine 6761-21 AP with first-of-its-kind dynamic-zoom smart antennas and Huawei AirEngine 6761-22T AP capable of Wi-Fi 6E.

When it comes to switches, Huawei innovates with optical-electrical PoE technology that enables PoE power supply at ultra-long distances. Powered by this technology, APs are not affected even when an unexpected local power outage occurs on the campus network, providing enterprise employees with always-on wireless access.

Huawei CloudEngine S8700 is an all-new next-generation modular switch that stands out with an innovative simplified architecture. This future-proof switch can work with remote units (RUs) to achieve "One Device, One Network", redefining campus network architecture and greatly simplifying campus network planning, deployment, and management.

In particular, by leveraging optical-electrical PoE technology, hybrid cables, and hybrid modules, Huawei's solution can offer PoE++ power supply at ultra-long distances of 300 meters, while RUs support secondary PoE to downstream terminals. In this way, the entire network achieves centralized power supply, ensuring network continuity even without local mains supply.

As more and more services go to the cloud, Huawei SD-WAN dives deeper into various industries, enabling superfast access to clouds. For example, in the retail sector, Huawei SD-WAN supports zero-touch provisioning (ZTP) for automated deployment and cloud-based link provisioning. This helps retail customers shorten the store network provisioning time from weeks to 1 day. In the financial sector, Huawei SD-WAN enables intelligent traffic steering and offers ultra-broadband links for cloud access, thereby ensuring that key transaction services are stable and reliable. Huawei's all-new SD-WAN router NetEngine AR6710 — which integrates routing and switching — is an ideal choice for superfast cloud access for enterprise branches.

MWC Barcelona 2022 runs from February 28 to March 3 in Barcelona, Spain. Huawei showcases its products and solutions at stand 1H50 in Fira Gran Via Hall 1.