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Huawei AirEngine Wi-Fi 6 Wins ''Best Enterprise Wi-Fi Network” Award at WBA Industry Awards 2022

Nov 01, 2022

[Shenzhen, China, November 1, 2022] Huawei announced that it has won the "Best Enterprise Wi-Fi Network” Award at the Wireless Broadband Alliance (WBA) Industry Awards 2022 for its field-proven Wi-Fi 6 Train-to-Ground Communications Solution.

The "Best Enterprise Wi-Fi Network” Award from WBA is one of the most coveted and prestigious awards in the Wi-Fi industry. It recognizes vendors' solutions for their remarkable contributions to the development of the Wi-Fi industry. The accolade signifies the widespread recognition of the innovative ideas, field-proven applications, and leadership of Huawei's AirEngine Wi-Fi series products.

Huawei's Wi-Fi 6 Train-to-Ground Communications Solution wins the WBA 2022 Best Enterprise Wi-Fi Network Award

Huawei has a strong track record in the enterprise Wi-Fi field and is a major contributor to Wi-Fi 4 through Wi-Fi 7. In the global enterprise markets, Huawei AirEngine Wi-Fi 6 is widely used in large enterprises, manufacturing, education, healthcare, transportation, and other sectors. In 2020, Huawei took home the WBA “Best Enterprise Wi-Fi Network” Award for the first time with its AirEngine Wi-Fi 6 Solution for enabling digital transformation of manufacturing factories. This year, Huawei once again received this award for its Wi-Fi 6 Train-to-Ground Communications Solution.

With the development of economy and the increasing urbanization, urban rail transit becomes the first-choice means of travel for many commuters. In China, Shenzhen Metro selected Huawei's Wi-Fi 6 Train-to-Ground Communications Solution to ensure stable and reliable train-to-ground communications critical to subway operations. Specifically, real-time detection and alarming of "network-rail-tunnel" geometric parameters and inspection modules were adopted to slash the occurrence of delays, improving transport capacity and reducing the waiting time of passengers.

Huawei boasts industry-leading WLAN technical prowess and extensive experience in the construction of ICT-enabled urban rail transit systems in a whole host of cities. Drawing on these strengths, Huawei's Wi-Fi 6 Train-to-Ground Communications Solution empowers high-speed trains with real-time Wi-Fi train-to-ground communications characterized by high bandwidth, fast handover, and stable operations.

• High bandwidth: Urban rail data backhaul involves a large amount of storage data, requiring a large train-to-ground transmission bandwidth. However, such data cannot be fully backhauled to the control center in real time due to insufficient train-to-ground transmission bandwidth. Huawei has responded to this by developing a Midamble high-speed mobility enhancement algorithm based on thorough analysis of metro tunnel signal models. This offers the backhaul bandwidth of 1.4 Gbps for trains running at 160 km/h, 1 Gbps at 260 km/h, and 950 Mbps at 350 km/h.

• Fast handover: Huawei's MBB soft handover technology achieves zero packet loss and zero interruptions for services when the train runs at high speeds. The service switchover latency can be only 2 ms for trains running at 260 km/h while being only 3 ms for trains running at 350 km/h, which ensures real-time wireless backhaul of train services.

• Stable operations: Huawei's solution adopts professional IP68-rated anti-shock, waterproof, and dustproof design, fully accommodating various complex operating environments such as subway tunnel cleaning. Plus, Huawei's purpose-built trackside APs come with 30-degree small-angle antennas to offer better directional performance and stronger anti-interference capability, minimizing antenna position deviations caused by vibration during metro train running.

The panel of judges commented, "Huawei showcased a highly innovative technical solution showcasing that Wi-Fi 6 can be deployed in highly mobile enterprise applications."

Looking ahead, Huawei will continue to dive into enterprise Wi-Fi networks and work with global enterprises to explore more innovative Wi-Fi use cases in enterprise workplaces and production environments. Doing so will continuously unleash the potential of Wi-Fi networks, improve office experience, and increase production efficiency.