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Huawei Unveils Smart NOS 2.0, Building a New Foundation for High-Quality Services

Mar 26, 2021

[Shenzhen, China, March 26, 2021] At the Huawei Industrial Digital Transformation Conference 2021, Huawei released the Smart NOS 2.0 to facilitate the operations and maintenance (O&M) of industry customers' core services and applications, thereby helping with the construction of a high-quality service system architecture.

Zhang Tong giving a speech

Zhang Tong, Director of the Customer Support and Industry O&M Service Dept of Huawei Enterprise BG, commented on how Huawei launched the Smart NOS 2.0 to ensure high-quality service experience as digital transformation accelerates across various industries and IT systems become core production systems. The financial services industry (FSI), as an example, has demanding requirements on networks and services. To address these requirements, Smart NOS 2.0 aims to help financial customers build intelligent, reliable, and secure financial networks; improve O&M efficiency and cyber security; and achieve ubiquitous financial services that are always online. Smart NOS 2.0 is centered on upgrading from devices and networks to service- and experience-oriented O&M.

AI-powered intelligent networks that recover more quickly

Growing business is accompanied by an increase in the scale and management complexity of financial networks, which in turn require more intelligence. Huawei utilizes AI to help financial customers achieve more efficient O&M, shorter service interruption, and faster recovery. The company's AI-based network O&M solution makes it possible to detect faults within seconds and rectify them in minutes. With this solution, Telemetry collects and analyzes data in real time, network-wide data is visible, and applications are intelligently associated with networks, meeting SLA requirements.

More reliable networks

In the FSI, customers have high demands on service continuity, meaning service interruption should not exceed 5 minutes. To meet the requirements for network capacity and quality, Huawei has designed a deliverable, maintainable, and highly scalable network that covers both the underlying hardware and the upper-layer software.

Comprehensive security system

For financial customers, minor risks may lead to immeasurable losses; therefore, it is imperative that customers protect their networks. Huawei assesses risks from multiple dimensions, and utilizes big data to analyze the correlation between single-point exceptions. This involves the use of logs and events to accurately identify security threats and attacks. Additionally, the company implements network-wide collaborative defense among border gateways, terminals, and clouds, as well as network-wide visibility based on real-time sensing and source tracing.

Huawei is customer-centric and strives to continuously create value for customers. With the aim of creating a superior service experience, Huawei helps industry customers build high-quality services to achieve greater success.

From March 24 to 26, Huawei hosts the Industrial Digital Transformation Conference 2021 online, exploring the power of the resilient and innovative digital world from three perspectives: business, technology, and ecosystems. Huawei will share insights on digital transformation, and introduce business strategies, talent programs, and ecosystems that support it. We will detail practices that the business has carried out over recent years in the government, education, transportation, finance, and energy sectors, etc. We will also showcase the latest developments in areas including connectivity, cloud and AI.