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Efficiently Connecting Industry Intelligence, New Value Together: Huawei Launches AirFlash Microwave

Jun 10, 2021

[Singapore June 10, 2021] Today, Huawei launched the full-band AirFlash Microwave enterprise solution. This solution is able to provide high-throughput wireless connections on all microwave bands in a wide range of vertical scenarios, including in the government, education, healthcare, Internet Service Provider (ISP), transportation, and energy sectors.

As one of the three communication systems parallel to optical fiber and satellite, microwave broadband wireless communication supports fast access to a large number of information sites with a bandwidth of hundreds of Mbit/s and backbone aggregation transmission of up to 20 Gbit/s. Doing away with the need for complicated fiber and cable engineering, microwave can be deployed on any terrain and features high bandwidth with low line deployment costs, along with the flexible adjustment of private network services. Indeed, microwave can be considered as invisible "air optical fiber."

In vertical industries, applications are becoming increasingly intelligent and information-driven: this requires bearer networks to have large capacity, wide coverage, high security, and high reliability. Huawei's AirFlash Microwave solution allows enterprises to easily accommodate such requirements. As such, it is a good way to achieve large-capacity wireless connections in areas where fiber and other wired connections are costly, time-consuming to construct, and difficult to maintain.

The launch event brought together more than 693 partners and customers from various industries in the Asia-Pacific region to share insights on "Efficiently Connecting Industry Intelligence" with Huawei's microwave solutions.

Products involved in the Huawei Full-Band Air Flash Microwave Enterprise Solution against a white and blue background

Huawei Full-band Air Flash Microwave Enterprise Solution

Denver Zhang, Vice President of the Wireless Marketing & Solutions Sales Dept. for the Huawei Enterprise Business Group (EBG), summarized the development trends unfolding in the microwave industry. Mr. Zhang noted: "During Mobile World Congress (MWC) 2021 in Shanghai, the Global System for Mobile Communications Association (GSMA) released its Microwave Backhaul Evolution and Spectrum Report, emphasizing the important role and technical direction of microwave. For enterprises with weak optical fiber infrastructure, microwave is the best solution to balance costs, service rollout time, and network performance."

Mr. Zhang also outlined the ways Huawei has been promoting the progress of the microwave industry. Each year, Huawei invests approximately 12% of microwave revenue in Research and Development (R&D) and has built a strong team of more than 1100 dedicated microwave R&D staff worldwide. Over the past seven years, Huawei has continued to lead the microwave market precisely because of its commitment to ongoing innovation. Last year, Huawei's global microwave market share reached 27.45%. In addition, Huawei continues to contribute to the microwave ecosystem, building the industry chain, and it helped established the millimeter Wave (mmWave) transmission alliance which has grown from 9 founding members to 45 members today.

Brandon Wu, Chief Technology Officer (CTO) of Huawei Asia-Pacific EBG, highlighted the urgent requirements for efficient connections to address the continued impact of the pandemic. Huawei's AirFlash Microwave enterprise solution supports fast deployment and is cost efficient and easy to operate and maintain across various industrial scenarios. Therefore, it can be widely used to provide broadband coverage to users in remote areas, villages, schools, and residential areas. Huawei's microwave market share exceeds 30% in Asia-Pacific, and the latest full-band products will further expand the options for industries to meet the requirements of wireless broadband connections.

Huawei AirFlash Microwave Enterprise Solution Improves Broadband Coverage for Homes, Enterprises, Schools, and Remote Government Workplaces

Harry Zhang, a Senior Marketing Manager for Huawei Microwave, explained the product capabilities and application scenarios of the AirFlash Microwave solution.

  • In wireless broadband connection solutions: Flexible Point To Point (PTP) and Point To Multipoint (PTMP) networking supports zero-footprint installation, suitable for providing quick and stable backhaul transmission.
  • In the innovative train-to-ground data transfer solution: Based on 5G wireless technologies, the mmWave product provides a maximum throughput of 1.7 Gbit/s, with full auto-connection for train big data uploads to the ground central office.
  • Supporting stable 100+ Mbit/s or Synchronous Transport Module level-1 (STM-1) backhaul channels over dozens of kilometers for offshore oil wells: The offshore intelligent beam tracking solution adapts innovative beam tracking platforms to the traditional microwave bands, to support stable 100+ Mbit/s or STM-1 backhaul channels over dozens of kilometers for offshore oil wells, eliminating the coverage holes of mobile network services.
  • Long-reach E-band (80 GHz) solution provides a gain 12 dB higher than the industry average: Empowered by intelligent beam tracking and high transit power technologies, this solution can enlarge the E-band microwave transmission distance by 30%, with 10–20 Gbit/s ultra-large capacity in the Asia-Pacific region's heavy rain areas.
  • The unified Network Cloud Engine (NCE) platform: A new Artificial Intelligence (AI) and cloud-based Network Management System (NMS) supports end-to-end microwave networking, and cross-domain and intelligent management, combined with microwave, optical, and Internet Protocol (IP) router devices. This provides automatic and visualized configuration, intelligent services, and fault diagnosis.

George Wang, the Marketing Director for Huawei Microwave, also demonstrated innovative product and reliability test processes through Augmented Reality (AR) demonstrations, direct from the Microwave Cloud Innovation Lab. Highlights included a 4-in-1 Outdoor Device Unit (ODU), modular antenna and frequency replacement, industry-leading Multiple-Input Multiple-Output (MIMO) capability, and microwave reliability tests at high and low temperatures as well as in salt spray and wind tunnels.

The Huawei AirFlash Microwave solution aims to provide zero-touch, efficient, secure, and reliable wireless connections for Asia-Pacific customers across industries to help them realize digital and intelligent transformation.