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Huawei: Strive with Partners to Create New Value Together for All Industries

Apr 13, 2021

[Shenzhen, China, April 13, 2021] Today, Huawei hosted a summit on the topic " New Value Together " as part of the Huawei Global Analyst Summit 2021. Together with more than 400 guests, including industry and financial analysts, key opinion leaders, and media representatives, Huawei shared its insights on industry trends and the applications of solutions in specific industry scenarios, helping customers from all kinds of industries to create new value together.

Bob Chen, Vice President of Huawei Enterprise BG, said that as we look forward to the post-pandemic era, industrial digital transformation is moving towards a middle- and high-level stage, characterized by the digitalization of both support and core production systems. Huawei continues to enable joint innovation, build open ecosystems, and achieve shared success with all types of partners, building innovative, scenario-specific solutions based on Intelligent Twins as technology architecture. Doing so, we support intelligent industrial upgrades and facilitate digital transformation for all industries.

Bob Chen, Vice President of Huawei Enterprise BG

At this summit, Huawei shared its digital transformation practices in energy, transportation, finance, education, and enterprise services, and further discussed how creating a digital ecosystem can continuously create value for customers and promote industry development and ecosystem construction to achieve a successful outcome for all.

In the energy sector, Robin Lu, Executive Vice President of Global Energy Business Unit, Huawei Enterprise BG, said that Energy transformation and digital transformation are clear trends and directions. The core purpose of digitalization is to unleash the power of data to boost productivity. In the future, the energy industry will achieve sustainable and high-quality development along the path of "one goal, two transformations, three facilitations, and four directions”. That is, with the goal of net zero carbon emissions, it will help global enterprises to realize energy transformation and digital transformation, promote the energy industry and enterprises of various countries to achieve the "net zero" goal through “two transformations”, build an ecological cooperation circle on a global scale, and promote cooperation, including green, low-carbon, technological innovation, efficiency and effectiveness, and international cooperation.

In the transportation sector, Andy Bien, Chief Digital Officer, Global Aviation, Global Transportation Business Unit, Huawei Enterprise BG, said that:”We have seen an accelerated interest in digital transformation in the aviation industry to cope with the devastating impact of the pandemic. Health and safety, financial and environmental sustainability, and heightened passenger expectations will drive this change. The use of wireless, cloud and machine intelligence, delivered via a secured and reliable digital infrastructure can address these new demands for sustainable aviation. An opportunity awaits as the industry readies for recovery in 2021.”

In the financial sector, Liu Yuanxin, Chief Industry Expert, Global Financial Services Business Unit, Huawei Enterprise BG, stressed that with the changing demand of customers and the market, banks must realize that digitalization has become a necessity. Key movements towards this digital transformation include: building an edge-terminal-cloud collaboration system; capitalizing the value of data and algorithms; and establishing a new financial intelligence service model featuring cloud-based training and edge-terminal reasoning.

In the field of education, Edwin Diender, Chief Digital Transformation Officer of Global Government Business Unit, Huawei Enterprise BG, pointed out that ICT is swiftly transforming teaching and learning. Education is life-long and ever-more personalized. With new digital models emerging across the board — in classrooms, research labs, and administrative offices, there is access to knowledge anytime, anywhere. The future of intelligent and digital education has arrived.”

In the service field, Hank Stokbroekx, Vice President, Enterprise Services, Huawei Enterprise BG, said in his speech that Digital Transformation means leveraging technology to optimize business outcomes and customer experience. This is an ongoing process that will play out over many years. And because the technology tends to be both complex and of critical importance, the operational processes need to be highly automated to facilitate services that can predict and preempt problems.

As of December 2020, more than 700 cities and 253 Fortune 500 companies selected Huawei as their digital transformation partner. In 2020, the global sales revenue was CNY891.4 billion. The sales revenue of the enterprise business reached CNY100.3 billion, a year-on-year increase of 23.0%.

The first Huawei Global Analyst Summit was held in 2004. This year, 2021 marks the 18th consecutive year of the event. It is from April 12 to 14, during which there will be a number of breakout sessions for domestic and foreign industry experts to exchange and share their views.