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Huawei AirEngine Wi-Fi 6 AP Wins Good Design Award

Nov 10, 2020

[Tokyo, Japan, November 10, 2020] Huawei has won the "Good Design Award 2020" in Japan, as recognition for its cutting-edge product design. Huawei AirEngine 5760-51 successfully fought off competition from all corners of the world to win this award, with its striking smooth design, multi-scenario adaptability, and simple installation.

The summit attracted the world's leading financial institutions including Shanghai Pudong Development (SPD) Bank, China Construction Bank, Singapore DBS Bank, BBVA, Isbank; the world's leading financial solutions provider Temenos, and analyst institutions IDC and other global industry participants.

Huawei's AirEngine 5760-51 Wi-Fi 6 AP and the Good Design Award 2020 logo, recognizing the product's cutting edge design

Huawei AirEngine Wi-Fi 6 AP wins "Good Design Award 2020"

The Good Design Award was established on the principles that good design promotes industrial development, and enriches our lives and society. It is a comprehensive design evaluation and approval system that not only represents excellent product design and quality, but also emphasizes consumer experience, creativity and functionality. The Good Design Award selects outstanding products from various markets based on their design, purpose, and result. 

Huawei's AirEngine 5760-51 is a next-generation enterprise-class Wi-Fi 6 indoor AP that is ideal for small-sized enterprises such as restaurants, cafes, and small offices. This AP is stylish, environment-friendly, and simple to install and deploy. 

  • Customizable and bionic design

Design of Huawei AirEngine series Wi-Fi 6 APs are available in two shapes: square and round. Their bionic shell design means the APs blend in perfectly with their surroundings.

  • Invisible indicators

Huawei AirEngine series APs feature invisible indicators, and their light is only visible through a reflective surface, reducing their light pollution.

  • Built-in IoT card slots for easy module installation and removal 

Huawei's AirEngine 5760-51 utilizes the unique IoT card slot design that conceals IoT cards and cabling after an AP is installed. The flip-top shell of the AP offers a convenient deployment mode for IoT modules, and additional IoT modules can be easily installed and maintained without having to move the AP. 

  • Simple installation and reliable deployment 

The new mounting brackets offer greater flexibility for mounting APs, making installation simpler and safer.

Huawei AirEngine series APs are enjoying widespread recognition, having been deployed in various industries around the world, helping enterprises boost efficiency and accelerate their digital transformation in office, production, and business operation. For the future, Huawei will continue to develop innovative products to build a fully connected, intent-driven campus network based on AirEngine, powering enterprises into the gigabit-wireless era.