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Coronavirus emergency: Huawei donates technology and health supplies

Mar 18, 2020

The company offers its help to support institutions, healthcare personnel and citizens. It includes medical supplies and technological solutions for connections among hospitals, crisis units, patients and families. Available also wi-fi equipments for temporary hospitals. CEO Thomas Miao: "We are close to Italy in this moment and work with carriers and partners to support the country’s effort "

[Milan, 16th March 2020] Huawei Italy will provide protective devices and technological solutions to cope with the emergency situation caused by the Covid-19 infections. Moreover the company has set an internal crisis unit in order to better connect with national and local institutions and to set up concerted support actions with carriers and partners.

The company has already donated 1000 protective suits addressed to some hospitals in Milan, and 200.000 FFPA2 CE facemasks are on the way from China.

Most of the aid plan leverages technology. Starting from devices to high performing network connectivity, a full range of solutions will support the huge effort the whole country is doing in this difficult situation.

Huawei offers to facilitate the exchange of information and good practices between Italian and Chinese health teams through its Welink cloud collaboration platform. The company has already supported the health emergency in China and therefore makes available the experience gained and the relationship with the health structures of the Chinese critical areas that are now emerging from the most acute phase of the epidemic.

Wi-fi 6 networks equipments will be also provided to 10 temporary hospital facilities in order to allow the communication with the other healthcare bodies. Huawei is working with some of its partner to create an ad hoc video conferencing platform capable of ensuring a real-time connection between the hospitals in the red areas and the crisis unit in the region to which it belongs or the designated government body, guaranteeing continuous coordination of the emergency remotely. It will be possible to consult experts from different regions and share patients’ medical files in real time.

By joining the "Digital Solidarity" initiative promoted by the Minister of Technological Innovation and Digitization Paola Pisano, Huawei will donate 500 between tablets and smartphones which will be addressed to some Italian hospitals in order to allow the communication between patients and families.

"We feel close to Italy, the country where Huawei has been present for 16 years; we believe it our duty to contribute with technology, skills and medical supplies in such a critical moment. Collaboration and solidarity with no boundaries are key to support institutions and healthcare professionals who are hard working on the field to improve the conditions of Italian citizens affected by the emergency." commented Thomas Miao, CEO of Huawei Italy.