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Huawei Puts the Industry's First Enterprise-Class 5G AR Router into Commercial Use, Ushering in a New Era of Enterprise Interconnection

Jul 22, 2020

[Beijing, China, July 22, 2020] Today, Huawei announced the successful commercial use of the industry's first enterprise-class 5G router — 5G AR — at Huawei Network Innovation Technology Forum 2020 held in Beijing. 5G AR routers build a digital infrastructure for various sectors, such as finance, healthcare, electric power, and retail, ushering in a new era of enterprise interconnection and accelerating enterprises' intelligence and digital transformation.

In the 5G era, digital transformation gains momentum throughout all industries, and cutting-edge technologies such as artificial intelligence (AI), Internet of Things (IoT), and augmented reality (AR)/virtual reality (VR) are becoming more pervasive in our everyday lives. Such technologies require dozens of times the WAN bandwidth. However, traditional enterprise private lines can provide only 2 to 4 Mbps bandwidth, far short of what is needed. Enterprises' egress routers are also expected to offer more refined management and control capabilities for an ultimate application service experience. This is something traditional routers are unable to offer, with their performance deteriorating drastically once complex service processing functions are enabled.


Huawei announces successful commercial use of the industry's first enterprise-class 5G AR router

Centered on the core requirements of intelligent enterprise upgrade and digital transformation for WAN construction, Huawei 5G AR routers have three key differentiators: 5G Super Uplink, 3 times the industry average performance, and 5G SD-WAN, helping enterprises build high-speed and high-quality WANs.

5G Super Uplink: Leveraging the industry-unique 5G Super Uplink technology, combination of FDD and TDD, and full-timeslot uplinks, Huawei's 5G AR router increases the 5G uplink rate by 20% to 60% and offers 100 times higher bandwidth than traditional private lines. This facilitates access to emerging cloud- and AI-based services.

3 times the industry average performance: Huawei's 5G AR routers innovatively use the "multi-core CPU + NP" heterogeneous forwarding architecture, pioneering forwarding technology transformation of enterprise branch routers. The NP quickly offloads L2-L4 traffic to implement high-speed forwarding of basic services. Huawei's 5G AR routers also incorporate five hardware acceleration engines: IPSec, HQoS, security, application identification, and application optimization. With such capabilities, Huawei 5G AR routers are able to deliver three times the average performance of mainstream vendors, as certified by the Tolly Group.

5G SD-WAN: Huawei 5G AR routers provide comprehensive Software-Defined WAN (SD-WAN) functions. By integrating wired and wireless links and adopting application-based intelligent traffic steering, these future-proof products can quickly identify key applications on the network, detect application quality in real time, and implement intelligent network path optimization. The end result is bandwidth utilization rising to 90%. With multi-fed and selective receiving, Huawei 5G AR routers ensure zero packet loss of key services, providing customers with an optimal service experience.

With Huawei's 5G AR routers and SD-WAN solution, China Construction Bank (CCB) successfully builds a high-speed, high-quality, and intelligent WAN for its first-of-its-kind 5G+ intelligent bank. On this network, 5G AR routers bring high-speed 5G experience; SD-WAN centrally pools and schedules link resources, improving bandwidth utilization; application-based intelligent traffic steering and optimization ensure zero interruption of key applications; devices are plug-and-play and services are automatically rolled out in minutes.

"5G+ intelligent bank is a brand-new form of banking, and is the result of new technologies (such as 5G) and service innovations," said an insider at China Construction Bank. "Indeed, it is the future of bank branches. Huawei's 5G AR routers help us build a high-speed, high-quality, and intelligent network to deliver high-quality experience of innovative financial services in our 5G+ intelligent bank branches. We will never cease to innovate in 5G+ intelligent bank as well as in Fintech."

"As a leader in emerging Fintech, China Construction Bank has creatively transformed their branches into all-new marketing service centers," said Gu Xiongfei, President of Huawei's WAN Domain. "Huawei is glad to provide network support for China Construction Bank's 5G+ intelligent banks and facilitate their expansion into financial services. Huawei is committed to helping customers build ultra-broadband, stable, and secure WANs suited for the 5G era and further improve the efficiency and experience of enterprise digital transformation."

With the significant advantages brought by Huawei's innovative 5G technologies, Huawei 5G AR will continue to provide customers with competitive enterprise WAN solutions and jointly innovate with ecosystem partners to help customers achieve new business success.