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Huawei Launches Flash Only+ Program to Accelerate All Industries

Turbocharge Business with All-Flash Storage at Hybrid Price

Jun 30, 2020

[Shenzhen, China, June 30, 2020] Today, Huawei held its global IT Day online, with the theme of “Flash Only+ Accelerates All Industries.” Huawei launched Flash Only+, a program designed to make all-flash storage benefit industries faster.

“As an ICT infrastructure provider, Huawei is committed to developing AI simplified data infrastructure to help customers to accelerate digital transformation. The key technologies behind AI simplified data infrastructure are all intelligent, all IP, all cloud and all flash. Flash Only+ program is an all-flash accelerator that will bring the benefits of all-flash storage to a diverse range of industries to propel digital transformation.” Said by Huang Congliang, vice president of Huawei’s data storage and intelligent vision solutions dept.

Huang Congliang, VP of Huawei’s Data Storage and Intelligent Vision Solutions Dept., presents the Flash Only+ promotion

Huang Congliang, Vice President of Huawei’s Data Storage and Intelligent Vision Solutions Dept

The “All-Flash” era is now. All-flash storage excels in terms of performance, reliability, space, and power consumption, but not every customer chose all-flash storage. Those who wanted to make the switch to all-flash storage are either put off by technical concerns or by its price.

“Flash Only+” program eliminates the technical concerns about using all-flash storage for mission-critical services

Huawei “Flash Only+” program enables customers to turbocharge mission-critical business by offering industry-best level of performance, reliability, and efficiency of OceanStor Dorado all-flash storage. Huawei OceanStor Dorado provides four-level reliability that reaches 99.99999% and tolerates 7 out of 8 controller failures without service interruption. Industry-leading performance will shoot all the way up to 20 million IOPS at a miniscule 0.1 ms latency. Customers will get the assurance of being able to replace and upgrade systems without any data migration within 10 years.

“Flash Only+” program offers premium technical advantages to make all-flash storage more cost-effective

“Flash Only+” program enables customers to enjoy the ultimate performance and efficiency of all-flash storage at the price of hybrid storage with the same effective capacity. Huawei OceanStor Dorado runs the effective capacity model based on the deduplication and compression capability 1 to guarantee up to 5x effective capacity to meet real-world demands. Once agreed, the effective capacity is guaranteed within the full lifecycle. The new all-flash system can lower the total cost of ownership (TCO) while delivering optimal service experience, helping improve customer attrition for their business. This program is applicable to Huawei's OceanStor Dorado 3000.

Customers who join the program before December 31, 2020, will turbocharge business with all-flash storage at hybrid storage prices. For more information, please contact local Huawei office.

1: The deduplication and compression ratio varies depending on the scenario. For more details, please contact local Huawei office.

2: Huawei reserves the rights to set terms and conditions for this program.