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Huawei Releases the Digital Integrated Site Power Solution

Aug 07, 2020

[Shenzhen, China, August 7th, 2020] On August 6, Huawei officially released the digital integrated site power solution, which changes the traditional site power construction mode and leads the energy transformation through the "triple one" design concept of "One integrated design, one power platform, and one management system".

Paul Yao , Vice President of Huawei Site Power Domain, said in his keynote speech "Building a Digital World Energy Foundation to Accelerate Digital Transformation in the Industry": "Digital transformation drives massive automated sites. Perception, connection, and computing are deployed at the same site, making sites more complex. The construction mode of traditional equipment rooms needs to change urgently. In addition, areas with poor grid conditions still face difficulties in obtaining electricity for daily use and poor reliability of industrial power consumption. Huawei has launched the digital integrated site power solution(iSitePower), which changes the traditional site construction mode, fully meets power consumption requirements, helps build a digital energy base, and accelerates the digital transformation of the industry. "

Accelerating Digital Transformation of Industries, Traditional Sites Difficult to Meet Industry Development Requirements

With rapid development of 5G, IoT, AI, edge computing, and cloud technologies, industry digitalization is accelerating, and large-scale site digitalization deployment is urgent. However, traditional site construction relies on equipment room construction. Multiple sets of power supplies and batteries are assembled, which lacks an overall design. As a result, costs are high, while reliability is poor, the unified management and future evolution is rather difficult.

According to statistics, all over the world, about 840 million people still live in areas with no mains or poor mains supply. They urgently need simple and economical power supply solutions to improve their living conditions.

Huawei Digital Integrated Site Power Solution Helps Fast Digital Transformation and Energy Structure Transformation

To address these challenges, Huawei has launched a series of simple, intelligent, reliable, and open digital integrated site power solutions, including the iSuperSite for sensing, connection, and computing converged digital sites and the advanced Hybrid Power solution for production and livelihood power supply, and the original "triple one" design concept.

One integrated design: The solution integrates multiple functions, such as power generation, power conversion, intelligent power distribution, power backup, energy storage, equipment accommodation, and temperature control, which can reduce the construction cost by more than 70% and shorten the construction period by more than 80%.

One power supply platform: The unified power system supports multiple energy inputs, such as solar energy, mains, batteries, diesel generators, and also supports 12V/24V/36V/48V/57V DC and 24 V/220 V/380 V AC output, breaking through power supply restrictions and meeting power consumption requirements of all site sensing, CT, and IT devices, it is also compatible with various industrial equipment and daily electricity consumption requirements of residents.

One management system: Matching the NetEco Intelligent Management System,remote visualization, manageability, and controllability , and intelligent scheduling of multiple energy sources by using AI technologies. This ensures the reliability of site power supply and implements intelligent fuel removal, eliminating the noise, pollution, and maintenance problems caused by long-term running of the diesel generator.

Huawei adheres to technological innovation and open cooperation, Huawei solutions are widely recognized worldwide

Huawei's digital integrated site power solution is highly recognized by global professionals and customers. At Interop Tokyo 2020, the largest ICT exhibition in Japan, Huawei won Grand Prize foe Best of Show Award.

In actual applications, Huawei's digital integrated site power solution helps 16,000 free-flow sites across the country, eliminating the need for new equipment room construction and facilitating fast deployment. For various fields, such as campus edge computing Multi-access Edge Computing, 5G sharing stations, water quality monitoring, forest fire prevention, smart ports, and seismic observation stations, Huawei solution enables co-site sensing, connection, and computing to accelerate digital transformation of various industries. In industrial fields such as mining areas, oilfields, and oil and gas pipelines, as well as residents and enterprises in areas with no or poor mains power supply, Huawei also provides comprehensive power supply solutions to solve the problems of local people's livelihood and production power supply.

In the future, Huawei will continue to explore innovation and open cooperation. By leveraging advanced site power technologies, Huawei will work with our customers and partners to build the cornerstone of digital world, accelerate industry digital transformation and bridge the gap of energy.