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Huawei to Hold and Broadcast Its Industrial Digital Transformation Conference After MWC 2020 Is Cancelled

Feb 21, 2020

[Shenzhen, China, February 21, 2020] The Mobile World Congress (MWC) 2020 has been officially canceled due to the global outbreak of the novel coronavirus. However, we can still explore the intelligent world in a different way, together with Huawei's Enterprise Business Group that will hold its Industrial Digital Transformation Conference 2020 from February 24 to 27. The event will be broadcast live to global audiences, and will include six activities in Shenzhen, the UK, Switzerland, and more. The event will be broadcast live on multiple mainstream social media channels around the world in English, with live Chinese interpretation available.

Huawei will hold the "Industrial Digital Transformation Conference 2020" online

Keynote speech 1: Industrial Digital Transformation Summit - A Story of the Intelligent World (10:00-11:40, February 24, Barcelona Time (GMT+1)

228 of the world's top 500 companies, and over 700 global cities have chosen Huawei as their digital transformation partner. Huawei has accumulated extensive experience in helping customers across the globe achieve digital transformation.

At the second Huawei Industrial Digital Transformation Summit, we will invite pioneers in digital transformation from industries such as government, transportation, and finance. Guests from the Association of Southeast Asian Nations (ASEAN) and Shenzhen Airport will deliver keynote speeches online, jointly exploring the intelligent world.

Keynote speech 2: 2020 Huawei Enterprise BG Star Products and Flagship Solutions Launch (10:00-11:35, February 25, Barcelona Time (GMT+1))

Enterprises' digital transformation requires innovative ICT technologies in order to achieve business success and build an intelligent future. With the maturity of Wi-Fi 6, 5G, and AI technologies, enterprise campus networks are undergoing great transformations in applications, networks, and coverage modes. The new-generation data center using AI technologies will be much faster and simpler, more stable, and will consume much less energy.

Huawei will launch a new smart campus solution (HiCampus) and the new intelligent data center solution (HiDC), as well as four star products in the enterprise market, including the Wi-Fi 6, all-flash storage, all-optical network, and lithium battery.

Technical Forum 1: Rethink IP Session (14:30-16:30, February 25, Barcelona Time (GMT+1))

What's new about Wi-Fi 6? How can it revolutionize enterprises and campus networks? Osama Aboul-Magd, Chair of IEEE 802/11ax Working Group, and Andre Kindness, principal analyst of Forrester, will share the progress, prospects and application of Wi-Fi 6 in campus networks and industries.

Technical Forum 2: Storage Session (10:00-12:00, February 26, Barcelona Time (GMT+1))

With the explosion of data volume in the 5G era, how can we build a digital transformation foundation based on data infrastructure, such as AI-driven intelligent storage to maximize data value? Experts from EANTC AG and Huawei will share how Huawei's storage solution can help realize IT infrastructure innovation and discover data value in the 5G era.

Technical Forum 3: Enterprise Service Session (10:00-11:00, February 27, Barcelona Time (GMT+1))

How can we construct and maintain the world's leading data centers efficiently and quickly in a time of digital transformation? How do we cultivate new digital talent that caters to industry demands? At the session, Huawei will launch an intelligent DC service solution and its ICT Academy Program V2.0.

Technical Forum 4: Multi-Tenant Data Center (MTDC) Session (14:00-15:40, Barcelona Time (GMT+1))

What is the development trend of the intelligent cloud data center? How can we build a multi-tenant data center with high return on investment (ROI)? Technical experts from Huawei and partners will share the internet industry ecosystem and its development trends, as well as smart data center innovation. Huawei will also release new products such as DC908 800G, FusionDC 2.0, and FusionPower 100 kVA power modules.