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Huawei Launches 5G AR Enterprise Routers, Helping Enterprises Build 5G-Powered High-Speed WAN Interconnection

May 14, 2020

[Shenzhen, China, May 14, 2020] Today, Huawei launched a full lineup of NetEngine AR routers, the industry's first-of-its-kind 5G enterprise routers. These future-proof products provide powerful 5G access capabilities with Huawei's high-performance 5G cards. Standing out with differentiators such as ultra-broadband, always-on services, and secure interconnection, NetEngine 5G AR routers are ideal for building high-speed, stable, and secure WANs for enterprises to accelerate their digital transformation.

Huawei 5G AR enterprise router portfolio

The communications network infrastructure, of which 5G is a major part, has become an important driving force for intelligent upgrade and digital transformation of enterprise services. As such, support for 5G-era network service requirements on WANs — key channels for cross-region service interworking and interaction — has become a critical factor for enterprises to achieve digital transformation. To fully meet the requirements of enterprises of all scales, Huawei has launched a first-of-its-kind full lineup of 5G-capable enterprise routers, which help build faster, more stable, and more secure enterprise WANs, facilitating enterprises' digital transformation.

Huawei 5G AR enterprise routers offer three main differentiators:

• 5G ultra-broadband:With the advance of enterprise service cloudification and growing popularity of smart banks and telemedicine, enterprise WANs are becoming more demanding of bandwidth and latency. Huawei's 5G AR routers are powered by the world's first commercial 5G dual-mode chip — Balong 5000 — and adopt Huawei's 5G Super Uplink, offering about 20% to 50% higher uplink rate for 5G users. Not only this, but they also incorporate traditional wired link technologies such as Transmission Control Protocol (TCP) optimization and per-flow/per-packet load balancing, greatly improving the bandwidth utilization of 5G links. This allows them to deliver large uplink bandwidth required by a broad range of sectors such as smart banks, telemedicine, and smart factories, ultimately enabling high-speed interconnection of enterprise WANs.

• Always-on services: 5G wireless networks are more prone to environmental impacts than wired networks. To function as the primary link for enterprises' production networks and digitalize enterprises, as is a growing trend, 5G must provide reliable and stable services. To achieve this, Huawei 5G AR integrates technologies such as multi-link multi-fed and selective receiving, as well as 30 ms link switching, ensuring that key services are not interrupted upon interference. With the innovative adaptive forward error correction (A-FEC) algorithm, Huawei 5G AR delivers smooth video experience even at 20% packet loss.

• Secure interconnection:On the one hand, 5G builds flexible and convenient enterprise WAN interconnections. But on the other hand, it also faces security challenges brought by new services, architectures, and technologies, as well as higher user privacy protection requirements. In response to this, Huawei 5G AR offers abundant security features, including:

Secure boot: prevents networks from being damaged due to tampering with the device boot software in an open environment.

Multi-data network name (DNN): enables non-standalone (NSA) slicing. Traffic of different services is transmitted using different DNNs, ensuring data security through physical isolation.

Extensive VPN and firewall capabilities: transmit data over secure tunnels, ensuring secure and reliable interconnection of enterprise WANs.

"5G networks have high bandwidth and low latency, bringing new opportunities for digital transformation of various industries," said Gu Xiongfei, President of Huawei's WAN Domain. "Our new 5G AR router integrates Huawei's leading 5G capabilities and IP technologies, as well as providing comprehensive support for SD-WAN, making it ideal for building ultra-broadband, stable, and secure enterprise WANs suited to the 5G era and ultimately enhancing digital transformation efficiency and experience."

Powered by leading 5G technologies, Huawei 5G AR routers stand out in the industry and are ideal for building 5G-powered new WANs, leading the WAN digital transformation trends and facilitating enterprises' business success.