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Huawei Customers Win Digital Transformation Award and Six Finalist Awards at SCEWC 2019

Nov 21, 2019

[Barcelona, Spain, November 21, 2019] At the ninth Smart City Expo World Congress (SCEWC), two of Huawei's key customers won prestigious digital transformation awards: the government of Yingtan in Jiangxi Province of China, won the global and China Digital Transformation Award, and Longgang District in Shenzhen, China, won the China Digital Government Innovation Award. In addition, five Huawei customers were shortlisted for intelligent city awards. Hefei, the capital of China’s Anhui Province, was finalist for the China Digital Government Innovation Award, while Zhangjiagang in Suzhou, China, was shortlisted for the China Refined City Governance Award. The city of Makati in the Philippines, the South Africa State Information Technology Agency (SITA), and DHL Digital Supply Chain were shortlisted for the global Innovative Idea Award. While Huawei customers have won awards at SCEWC over the past few years, this year Huawei customers won awards across more categories with more finalists than previous years. This reflects the industry's recognition of Huawei's efforts to help customers innovate in the intelligent city field, as well as accumulate and share experience with other regions.

Based on extensive experience in urban digital transformation, Huawei helps customers build a city digital platform. By integrating new ICT and converged data, the platform optimizes the city's digital assets and simplifies the operation of new technologies, thus enabling innovation and value from urban applications. Ken Kang, Director of Intelligent City Solution Department, Huawei Enterprise Business Group stated: "The true “intelligence” that cities need cannot be provided by technologies alone, it is also driven by advancing business models. We would like to congratulate Yingtan and our other customers on these prestigious awards that show industry recognition for their efforts and achievements in moving towards intelligent cities. With open cooperation, Huawei and partners will build a robust ecosystem and help customers continue to implement customized digital platforms."

IoT-Based Yingtan Wins Digital Transformation Award with 5G+IoT Coverage

As a national pilot city in China’s communications field, Yingtan envisions an "IoT-based, Intelligent Yingtan." Through collaboration with Huawei, the government of Yingtan has built the city’s unified services around a “One Center, Four Platforms” model. The city has deployed an IoT "brain" that is visualized, efficient, and intelligent, a high-precision city information model platform and all-domain 5G+IoT coverage. This has enabled the city to build a digital twin and develop its digital economy with the IoT industry as the core. In the past two years, the number of devices connected via IoT has exceeded the city population, and 214 IoT companies have been established, supporting the transformation and rapid development of Yingtan's industries, economy, and society.

Yingtan has now officially launched 5G services. 43 categories of IoT applications such as intelligent water, intelligent transportation, intelligent streetlights and intelligent parking are improving the lives of residents. The local mobile IoT network now has leading density and quality coverage nationwide. As the country's first smart water meter global application city, the installation rate reached 95%, the leakage rate dropped to 12%, and the annual water saving was 2.4 million tons. Through the development of smart transportation, 89% of the city's operating vehicles have installed vehicle-mounted terminals, and the number of daily alarms has decreased from 15,000 to around 280.

Yingtan, Jiangxi, wins the Digital Transformation Award

Shenzhen’s Longgang District Wins Digital Government Innovation Award (China) for Being the World’s First Intelligent City with an Intelligent “Brain”

Longgang District in Shenzhen began its intelligent city development in 2013, aiming to build the world’s first city with a “brain” – or an intelligent operations center. The district government is now adopting a development model that enables cooperation between the government and enterprises, emphasizes infrastructure construction, is data-driven, facilitates government operations, and benefits the people. As a result, Longgang has achieved three national firsts: the first intelligent center that has access to district-wide information systems, the first to manage city applications using one map, and the first to use a mobile app that enables administrators to monitor the entire district with one click, on the go, efficiently serving all 5 million people in the district.

Innovative Idea Award Finalist: DHL Digital Supply Chain — Intelligent Logistics and Warehousing Solution

Huawei and DHL Digital Supply Chain have developed an intelligent logistics and warehousing solution based on industrial IoT. Using RFID and cloud infrastructure, the solution improves the efficiency and automation of intelligent city supply chains. It has enabled real-time management and ensures 100% success rate in label reading with coverage distance up to 100m. The transparency of material management and efficiency of material handling has been greatly improved.

Innovative Idea Award Finalist: Makati — Enhanced City Emergency Response Capabilities

Makati City of the Philippines is one of the 16 cities that make up the metropolis of Manila, Philippines. Makati cooperated with Huawei to deploy urban intelligence solutions to improve urban emergency response capabilities through urban digital infrastructure interconnection, enabling citizens to quickly report crimes and request assistance to city command centers. Residents are now able to directly connect to the command center through IoT devices in one-click. In the meantime, Makati's intelligent command center has implemented real-time information command and unified dispatch, which improves municipal governance.

Innovative Idea Award Finalist: South Africa SITA — a More Agile Digital Government with Cloud Platform

In recent years, the South African government has faced challenges such as the rising cost of citizen services and management inefficiencies due to fragmented data. Through the cloud platform provided by Huawei, SITA has streamlined departmental information silos allowing effective collaboration of information and data to accelerate the delivery and operations of public services at substantially lower costs. It helped SITA build a more agile, responsive and flexible digital government, significantly improving public services quality.

Huawei's intelligent city solution has served more than 500 million people in over 200 cities across more than 40 countries and regions. At the ninth SCEWC held from November 19 to 21 in Barcelona, Huawei exhibits its solutions and products under the theme of "Building a Fully Connected, Intelligent City". Huawei's booth is located at C321 in Hall 2, Gran Via.