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13 Auto Makers Jointly Published Commercial Roadmap: Launching Mass Production C-V2X Car from 2020

Apr 15, 2019

[April 15th, Shanghai, China] On April 15th, the “Human-Car-Road Industry Collaboration” Forum successfully held by“C-V2X Cooperative Ecosphere”at Shanghai Blue Palace Hotel. 13 auto companies such as SAIC, FAW, Dongfeng, Changan, BAIC, GAC, BYD, Great Wall, Jianghuai, Southeast, Zotye, Jiangling, and Yutong jointly released the C-V2X commercial roadmap: mass production of C-V2X cars at 2020H2 to 2021H2.

The release of the roadmap indicates that the problem of how to improve the car penetration is about to break through. It will not only promote China's next step to continue to increase the C-V2X penetration, but also promote the investment deployment of roadside facilities. As China become a global automobile industrial power, this may even influence the global C-V2X industry.


13 auto makers jointly released the C-V2X commercial roadmap

To achieve vehicle and vehicle coordination and road coordination, there are two prerequisites: one is to increase the vehicle penetration of the C-V2X module, and the other is to deploy enough roadside facilities to cover an area or even a city. Only in this way can people really feel the smooth and safe driving pleasure brought by intelligent network. To meet these two prerequisites, all parties in the industry need to promote ecological environment. At present, China's C-V2X industry is developing rapidly, and the demonstration areas in various regions are accelerating in an all-round way. The construction of the Wuxi city-level application demonstration zone and the extension of China's first smart highway have been continued. More than 20 projects are under construction in the country. The rapid development of the road network calls for mass production of the C-V2X car.

In September 2018, in order to better promote the C-V2X industry ecology, Huawei initiated the establishment of the C-V2X cooperative ecosystem, with the purpose of jointly promoting the innovation and application of C-V2X technology, as well as the commercialization process.

Manager Liu Zhifeng of SAIC Group's forward-looking technology research department said that follow-up SAIC will continue to work closely with industry partners to accelerate the promotion of 5G and C-V2X technologies and provide users with more efficient and convenient travel service.

Li Fengjun, Dean of China FAW Intelligent Network Development Institute, said that China FAW will join hands with eco-sphere partners to jointly create innovative new V2X and 5G applications to meet the pursuit of consumers in the new era of intelligent network connection, and build a harmonious and beautiful life.

Deputy Director Yu Bin of the Intelligent Networking Office of the Strategic Planning Department of Dongfeng Motor Corporation said that Dongfeng Group will cooperate with the ecosystem partners, innovate and cooperate, and cooperate with each other to build an intelligent networked ecosystem to achieve a beautiful car life.

Li Zengwen, head of intelligent transportation technology research at Changan Automobile, said that the launch of the C-V2X commercial roadmap by the intelligent network cooperation ecosystem is of great significance to the development of the industry. Changan Automobile will continue to actively participate in the research and practice of the ecosystem and promote the comprehensive deepening strategy of Changan Automobile and Huawei. Cooperation has come.

Yin Ying, deputy dean of BAIC New Energy Engineering Research Institute expressed that BAIC will work together with alliance partners to create an intelligent networked ecosystem.

Guo Jishun, head of the Intelligent Driving Technology Department of the Guangzhou Automobile Research Institute, indicated that C-V2X technology will largely solve many problems in the process of autonomous driving R&D and commercial application. GAC Group will work with partners of to create smart transportation in the future.

Yang Jianxing, manager of the low-voltage electrical appliance of the Planning Institute of BYD Auto Industry Co., Ltd., told that BYD will work together with the alliance partners to build the C-V2X ecosystem.

Zhang Ying, director of the Intelligent Driving Systems Development Department of Great Wall Motor Co., Ltd., spoked that Great Wall Motor will work with colleagues in the upstream and downstream industries to accelerate the promotion of the C-V2X technology industry and create a new smart life for consumers.

Li Weibing, president of Anhui Jianghuai Automobile Group Co., Ltd., the director of the intelligent network association automobile research institute, said: Jianghuai Automobile will join hands with the ecosystem partners to jointly promote the development and landing of C-V2X industry!

Shang Yunpeng, director of Southeast Automotive Commodity Planning Products, said: Southeast Auto is willing to cooperate with alliance partners to work together for the roadway coordination system and promote the early realization of smart travel.

Song Libin, assistant general manager of Zhongtai Automobile Research Institute, said: Zhongtai Automobile actively explores relevant technologies of intelligent network and works together with the ecosystem to provide smart car life for users.

Chen Liwei, deputy director of the Intelligent Electronics Development Department of Jiangxi Jiangling Group New Energy Automobile Co., Ltd., said: Jiangling Group New Energy is willing to work with the ecosystem partners to accelerate the development of V2X and 5G industries with the leadership and support of Huawei. The synergy of smart driving is the perfect blend, and you can realize your wisdom as soon as possible!

Zhu Min, Head of Decision-Making Technology, Yutong Bus Autopilot R&D Department: Yutong is willing to cooperate with eco-sphere partners to innovate, connect and work together to promote the commercialization of C-V2X!

Lv Xiaofeng, general manager of Huawei C-V2X product line, said: "Huawei has been actively promoting technology standards and industrial ecology based on C-V2X, and has developed product solutions for research and development, and in-depth cooperation with car companies and partners. We are willing to serve the industrial partners and contribute to the prosperity of industry and ecology."