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Huawei Launches 3-Layer AI Architecture of Intelligent IP Networks and Full Series of New Products

Applying AI to IP Networks Takes Network Intelligence to New Levels

Sep 19, 2019

[Shanghai, China, September 19, 2019] At HUAWEI CONNECT 2019, Huawei held an IP networking summit with the theme of "Leading Intelligent Networks". During the summit, Huawei launched its 3-layer AI architecture of intelligent IP networks and a full series of new products. Featured products include the innovative AI Turbo series of Huawei's "four-engine" products, iMaster NCE (an autonomous driving network management and control system), and iMaster NAIE (the industry's first network AI center). Huawei also highlighted the three fundamental features of intelligent IP networks and demonstrated how AI can be integrated into all layers of IP networks. These new offerings and capabilities deliver new levels of intelligence in IP networks, leading intelligent IP networks and accelerating the advent of autonomous driving networks.

Cloud computing and big data technologies are being quickly applied in an increasing number of AI scenarios. Amid this trend, today's networks are facing a series of issues, including unassured connection quality, service experience that cannot be perceived in real time, and inefficient Operations and Maintenance (O&M) and troubleshooting. Intelligent IP networks are urgently needed to address these issues. Powered by AI, intelligent IP networks achieve intelligent connectivity, intelligent O&M, and intelligent learning to unlock the potential for unlimited innovations. To keep up, Huawei announced its 3-layer AI architecture of intelligent IP networks. This AI-capable architecture includes:

1.AI Turbo series of Huawei's "four-engine" products: The device layer is powered by AI. Huawei provides full series of network devices embedded with Ascend AI chips, delivering AI inference on the edge and enabling real-time decision making.

2.iMaster NCE: The network layer is powered by AI. As the industry's first autonomous driving network management and control system, iMaster NCE sets the industry benchmark for network-wide analytical inference and end-to-end closed-loop optimization.

3.iMaster NAIE: The cloud is powered by AI. Unique in the industry, iMaster NAIE is a network AI platform that offers a wide range of compelling features such as data aggregation, open training, and model generalization.

Innovative AI-powered intelligent IP network solutions can be widely used in campus networks, data center networks, and WAN interconnection scenarios. In the campus network domain, AI is used to detect changing network scenarios and user experience in real time, predict the Wi-Fi loads, and dynamically adjust and optimize the Wi-Fi network. These capabilities increase the average downlink rate for users by more than 50%, greatly improving user experience. In the field of data center networks, the embedded AI chip and iLossless algorithm combine to truly achieve zero packet loss on Ethernet and unleash 100% of AI computing power. This delivers a 27% improvement in AI training efficiency compared with the industry average.

Kevin Hu, President of Huawei Data Communication Product Line, said: "Huawei's 3-layer AI architecture of intelligent IP networks is the first of its kind in the industry. At the device layer, Huawei's full series of network devices are embedded with AI Turbo acceleration engines. This design extends the AI inference capability to edge nodes and achieves real-time perception, inference, and optimization of network service quality."

He continued: "The AI-boosted device layer can combine with iMaster NCE at the AI-boosted network layer and iMaster NAIE at the AI-boosted cloud layer. This combination makes it possible to train and infer network models throughout the entire network and even across networks and domains. In addition, the AI cloud service model is used to deliver inclusive AI, enabling customers and Huawei to achieve more service innovations and speed up the advent of autonomous driving networks."

Kevin Hu, President of Huawei Data Communication Product Line, delivers a keynote speech

In 2019, Huawei successively released the AI Turbo series of its "four-engine" products. Featured products include CloudEngine 16800 (data center network switches for the AI era), CloudEngine S12700E series campus core switches, AirEngine AP7060 (the industry's first commercial Wi-Fi 6 AP), and NetEngine 8000 (all-scenario smart routers). These additions to an already extensive range of products help bolster Huawei’s competitiveness in intelligent IP network products and solutions. At the summit, Huawei also confirmed its leadership by launching the industry's first T-level AI firewall: HiSecEngine USG12000 series.

HiSecEngine USG12000 uses the unique AI Engine (AIE) for threat detection and the distributed AIE threat detection matrix to handle threats in real time at the network edge. The detection accuracy of unknown threats exceeds 99%. With the built-in Ascend processor, HiSecEngine USG12000 delivers up ultra-high computing power, improves the unknown threat detection performance by five times, and unleashes 100% of the firewall's defense capabilities. By using intelligent security event analysis and security policy-based optimization technologies, HiSecEngine USG12000 achieves minute-level service rollouts and service-driven policy deployment and change, reducing OPEX for security O&M by more than 80%.

Huawei has over 20 years of expertise in the IP field, and has continuously applied digital technologies, such as 5G, cloud, and AI, into IP networks. Looking to the future, Huawei will forge ahead with its 3-layer AI architecture of intelligent IP networks by fully leveraging the AI Turbo series of its "four-engine" products, iMaster NCE, and iMaster NAIE. By doing so, Huawei will continue to build a powerful engine for IP networks in the intelligence era, deliver an ultimate and ubiquitous connectivity experience, and provide users with unlimited power for business intelligence.

HUAWEI CONNECT 2019 is an annual flagship event hosted by Huawei for the global ICT industry, and is held in Shanghai from September 18 to 20, 2019. This year's Conference is themed on "Advance Intelligence" and aims to establish an open, cooperative, and shared platform for customers and partners to explore new opportunities for an intelligent future.