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Huawei Debuts LTE-R, Urban Rail Light Cloud, and 5G DIS Solutions at UITP Global Public Transport Summit 2019

Jun 10, 2019

[Stockholm, Sweden, June 10, 2019] At the UITP Global Public Transport Summit 2019, Huawei officially released its Urban Rail Light Cloud, next-generation LTE-R, and 5G Digital Indoor System (DIS) solutions. Under the theme "Cloud-Based Urban Rail, the Art of Mobility", the company outlined how the innovative ICT solutions will enable an era of fully-connected, digital rail transportation. The solutions deliver cloud-based services, broadband connectivity, and better-connected digital railways to help rail operators build safer, smarter, and more efficient rail transportation systems, continuously improve transportation capacity and drive service innovations.

Urban Rail Light Cloud Solution: Leveraging advanced virtualization technologies, this solution converts computing, storage, network, and security resources from physical devices into virtual resource pools. These resources are then allocated to application systems through virtual hosts, virtual network devices, and virtual security devices. It enables the integration of data center devices, and lowers device procurement and deployment costs. Featuring high adaptability and flexibility, this solution is suitable for rail transportation with low and medium passenger capacity (e.g. light rail, monorail, tram, maglev system, and urban rapid rail). Additionally, it can be applied to one single scenario of urban rail cloud services (ISCS/TIAS, ACC/MLC convergence center, and road network application cloud), and supports smooth expansion to converged clouds and urban rail clouds.

Next-generation LTE-R Solution: Huawei LTE-R Solution has been fully verified by partners and customers, and is being deployed in China. The solution supports 5G-oriented evolution and interconnectivity with GSM-R. Its advanced features include multiple trunking services such as Mission Critical Push-to-Talk (MCPTT) voice, video, and data, and leveraging one LTE-R network to enable train control, train dispatching, passenger information system (PIS), CCTV, and other rail services. Together with 5G, the solution will enable a future of intelligent railways where all things are connected.

5G DIS Solution: Huawei launched 5G LampSite, a leading 5G network solution for smart transportation hubs. As part of the DIS solution, 5G LampSite uses multiple advanced technologies to support both LTE and 5G, and allow easy installation and simplified O&M. It lays the foundation for smart transportation hubs by offering intelligent communications services for a large number of passengers and enabling smooth and efficient passenger flow management, security checks, and ticketing.

In his UITP welcome speech on June 9, Eman Liu, President of the Global Transportation Business Unit of Huawei Enterprise Business Group, commented: "Rail transportation is a complex system that involves railways, vehicles, AFC, and signals. For a seamless, interconnected environment across this system, rail operators need communications devices to collect data and digital platforms that integrate cloud, IoT, big data, and AI to ensure secure, reliable and efficient operations. Huawei aims to help rail customers achieve digital transformation by offering the Urban Rail Cloud and rail operation communications solutions, as well as collaborating with global partners to move railways into the future."

Huawei Global Railway Summit, held on June 10, attracted more than 100 industry organizations, railway operators, integrators, and partners, such as UITP, Industrial Internet Consortium (IIC), and MTR Corporation Limited, to share successful industry practices from across the world.

Digital urban railway can enhance the customer experience in rail journeys. Mohamed Mezghani, Secretary General of UITP said: "A high quality public transport needs a double priority: both physical and digital infrastructure."

Mohamed Mezghani, Secretary General of UITP

Stephen Mellor, Chief Technical Officer of Industrial Internet Consortium said: “In order to accelerate the development of the industry, we must work with industry end users to deploy technology at real-world sites. The LTE testbed is an example of partnering between an industry end user and technology provider facilitated by the Industrial Internet Consortium. IIC aims to help industry end users at all stages of the project lifecycle.”

Stephen Mellor, Chief Technical Officer of Industrial Internet Consortium

Etienne Saclier d’Arquian, Networks Product Line Manager of Thales Ground Transportation Systems, stated: "For public transport operators, maintaining their value added in the mobility domain incurs becoming key players of seamless door-to-door connected journeys, offering both the physical backbone of mobility solutions and an attractive MaaS platform for multimodal services. While masking technical complexity, end-to-end networks and IT orchestration will help them reach this goal by supporting optimized core business activities and delivering the best service experience to their passengers."

Etienne Saclier d’Arquian, Networks Product Line Manager of Thales Ground Transportation Systems

At UITP Global Public Transport Summit 2019, Huawei, together with industry partners, is demonstrating 5G LampSite, LTE, Wi-Fi 6, IP network, optical transport network, server, storage, urban rail cloud, and cloud-based smart public transport solutions, showcasing how they provide end-to-end reliable communications services for public transportation.

  • As the latest Wi-Fi standard, Wi-Fi 6 uses multiple 5G technologies to improve bandwidth, reduce latency, and expand user access.
  • The LTE train-to-ground communication standards advocated by Huawei have been applied to hundreds of railways. Huawei’s booth introduces the application of LTE to key and non-key railway services.
  • Huawei Urban Rail Cloud Solution implements interconnection of multiple metro systems, activates urban transport big data, and enables operational excellence in urban transport.
  • Huawei Cloud-based Smart Public Transport Solution provides full-stack open architectures and end-to-end solutions. It meets customers' requirements for integrated operations of bus dispatching, monitoring, and bus stop announcement. In addition, it supports mobile payments, strengthens bus operations supervision, and enhances service quality and passenger satisfaction.
Huawei has provided products and services for 120,000 km of railways and more than 100 urban railways. Based on in-depth understanding of rail customer needs, Huawei has been continuously exploring the application of new technologies in the industry, such as 5G, cloud, big data, and AI. Together with partners, Huawei is developing solutions to help customers improve operational efficiency, revenue, and passenger services.

Huawei's booth is located at A1020, Stockholmsmässan, Stockholm, Sweden.