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Leading Connectivity and Intelligence: Huawei's Third Enterprise Partner Elite Training Camp for 2019 Came to a Successful Close

Nov 29, 2019

[Shenzhen, China, November 29, 2019] Huawei's third Huawei Enterprise Partner Elite Training Camp for 2019 was successfully held in Shenzhen recently.

The training camp focuses on two mainstream business domains: IP and storage. 43 high-end technical partners from 30 companies in 13 countries and regions around the world were invited to attend, among of which were 7 distributors, 5 VAPs, 9 gold partners, 1 4-star CSP. 73% of participants were key partners. The course combines the learning of theories with proof of concept (POC) practices and was well received by trainees. Twenty senior trainers from the technical sales, product line research and development (P&D), and marketing (MKT) departments lead the training course. After five-days of classroom training, 15 trainees obtained the first batch of Huawei HCPP pre-sales intermediate level certification.


Fan Jie, Director of the Storage Technical Sales Department, attended the training and made a prospect of the sales of Huawei products and solutions, which inspired the confidence of the trainees in selling Huawei products. 

Director of the Storage Technology Sales Department, Fan Jie

Classroom practice

Interview with trainees

Visiting the exhibition hall

Excellent Trainees from the IP Class

Excellent Trainees from the Storage Class

With the launch of new products and the increasing complexity of ICT, enterprise customers are continuously exploring digital transformation and seeking breakthroughs. Sales tactics throughout the products' lifecycle and the powerful capabilities of digital solutions both play an increasingly important role at customer level. This HCPP course enables partners to meet the basic pre-sale capabilities of HCPA, as well as improve trainees' capabilities in areas such as independent solution design, POC testing, insight, and exploration of opportunities, helping partners quickly determine customers' requirements, and improve the customer service experience.

In 2020, on the basis of overall framework stability, Huawei's international ecosystem partner policies will focus on improving partners' profitability, simplifying policies, encouraging the improvement of partners' capabilities, and building a partner ecosystem. We will invest more in enablement resources at the partner level to fully improve partners' skills. Huawei works with partners to achieve collaboration, convergence, and solutions that benefit all.