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Huawei Net Master Wins "Best of Show Award" at Interop Tokyo 2024

Jun 12, 2024

[Chiba, Japan, June 12, 2024] Interop Tokyo 2024, the largest ICT industry annual event in Japan, recently took place in Chiba with the theme "AI Society & Internet". Among the many innovative technologies showcased, Huawei's network large model application — Net Master — stood out as the winner of the prestigious "Best of Show Award". This achievement highlights Huawei's remarkable innovation capabilities in the field of network intelligence.

Huawei Net Master wins

Huawei Net Master wins "Best of Show Award" at Interop Tokyo 2024

Interop Tokyo aims to promote the latest technologies, products, and solutions that are driving the growth and development of the ICT industry. The "Best of Show Award" is a highly competitive award, with a panel of esteemed industry experts serving as judges. Competition is fierce, with hundreds of finalists vying for the top spot. However, thanks to its impressive performance in demonstrating dialog-based O&M, decision-making support, and energy-saving capabilities in a real-world setting, Net Master earned widespread acclaim, ultimately taking home the grand prize.

This award solidifies Huawei's leading position and innovation strength in network intelligence. Net Master, a pioneering network large model application in the data communication sector, plays a crucial role in driving networks towards high-level autonomy. Its capabilities include:

Copilot: leverages a vast data communication-related corpus with over 50 billion tokens and the network experience of more than 10,000 experts to deliver precise semantic understanding and content generation capabilities. This "digital expert" for enterprise network O&M can proactively address more than 100 typical faults across eight categories, automatically identifying issues and locating root causes within seconds. As a result, O&M efficiency is improved by 100 times without requiring expert involvement.

Network-Guard Agent: integrates AI agent capabilities with experts' thought processes, enabling autonomous decision-making in over 30 typical scenarios. Operating 24/7, it ensures stable network operation, significantly enhancing service continuity and customer experience.

Energy-Saving Agent: intelligently selects modes such as shutdown, hibernation, and light sleep based on tidal traffic prediction, optimizing energy-saving policies for maximum efficiency. By dynamically adjusting the running status of network devices, this agent achieves an average energy saving of 30%.

Going forward, Huawei will sustain its commitment to technological innovation and product R&D, driving the development of networks towards high-level autonomy. This will enable the delivery of cutting-edge and intelligent network solutions to global customers, ultimately fueling the industry's continued growth and progress.