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HNS 2024 | Huawei Unveils Xinghe Intelligent Fabric for Asia-Pacific Region, Powering the Intelligent Era

Apr 29, 2024

[Bangkok, Thailand, April 29, 2024] During the Huawei Network Summit (HNS) 2024,At the session themed "Xinghe Intelligent Fabric, Powering the Intelligent Era", Huawei unveiled its Xinghe Intelligent Fabric Solution for the Asia-Pacific region. This cutting-edge solution provides customers with networks featuring ultra-powerful performance, ultra-stable reliability, ultra-fast deployment, and ultra-intelligent O&M, continuously upgrading data center networks to the intelligent era. More than 300 attendees from Thailand, Singapore, Malaysia, and Hong Kong participated in the summit, engaging in discussions on the latest trends and technological innovations in data center networking. The event aimed to facilitate knowledge sharing and collaboration among customers, partners, and industry experts, as well as help customers continuously upgrade their network infrastructure and drive innovative services, ultimately empowering the Asia-Pacific region to thrive in the intelligent era.

Keynote speech delivered by Arthur Wang, President of Data Center Network Domain, Huawei Data Communication Product Line

Keynote speech delivered by Arthur Wang, President of Data Center Network Domain, Huawei Data Communication Product Line

Arthur Wang, President of Data Center Network Domain, Huawei Data Communication Product Line, said, "The advent of AI has propelled the data center network into a new era, presenting fresh challenges and demands for future network design. Envisioning the network as a living entity, it should possess a "smart brain" that leverages AI to enhance operational efficiency. A "strong torso" is also essential to ensure a highly reliable and high-throughput network for AI training. Furthermore, "flexible limbs" are necessary to seamlessly connect various server types, integrating intelligent computing, general-purpose computing, and storage networks. Huawei's brand-new Xinghe Intelligent Fabric offers a hyper-converged data center network solution with unparalleled intelligence and performance, fully unleashing the power of AI computing. As a leading ICT solutions provider, Huawei is dedicated to collaborating with partners to establish a robust infrastructure foundation for the digital transformation of Asian-Pacific enterprises."

Yoni Birman, CTO of Huawei network protection lab, was also invited to share Huawei's latest research results in data center cyber security. According to him, ransomware has emerged as the world's top cybersecurity threat, with an alarming annual growth rate of over 350%. This menace has resulted in substantial financial losses for customers. To combat this threat, Huawei's Multilayer Ransomware Protection (MRP) solution seamlessly integrates network and storage capabilities to safeguard data. Furthermore, the solution leverages advanced AI-powered detection algorithms to quickly identify ransomware and shield customers' valuable data assets from harm.

At the summit, Mardiana, General Manager of Infrastructure Department of Malaysia Airports, and Felix Ren, General Manager of ECCOM, jointly presented their company's experiences and cooperative achievements in leveraging Huawei's data center network products and solutions.

Up till now, Huawei's Xinghe Intelligent Fabric Solution has gained popularity among customers due to its innovative technological advantages. This solution is widely adopted across various industries including finance, government, Internet, and manufacturing, driving intelligent digital transformation. Looking ahead, Huawei is dedicated to collaborating with industry customers to advance research and innovation in data center networking, and shape the future of intelligent networks through continuous upgrades and evolutionary advancements. By doing so, Huawei aims to deliver greater value to customers and the industry as a whole.