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Huawei Releases the High-Quality 10 Gbps Campus Network Construction White Paper Supported by WBA

——Experience-Centric, Accelerating your Digital and Intelligent Journey

Feb 27, 2024

[Barcelona, Spain, February 27, 2024] At MWC Barcelona 2024, Huawei released the High-Quality 10 Gbps Campus Network Construction White Paper supported by WBA (Wireless Broadband Alliance) at the summit themed "Huawei Intelligent Cloud-Network, Accelerating Industrial Intelligence". This white paper puts forwards the philosophy of experience-centric campus network construction; it also delves into how Huawei's High-Quality 10 Gbps CloudCampus Solution offers three types of experience upgrade — wireless experience upgrade, application experience upgrade, and Operations and Maintenance (O&M) experience upgrade — to accelerate enterprises' digital and intelligent journey.

Releasing the High-Quality 10 Gbps Campus Network Construction White Paper

Releasing the High-Quality 10 Gbps Campus Network Construction White Paper

Driven by both technologies and applications, enterprises see three major changes amid their digital and intelligent transformation: fully-wireless terminals, always-assured applications, and intelligent O&M. To keep up with these changes, campus networks need to evolve from connectivity-centric to experience-centric.

Enterprises of all sizes aspire for higher efficiency and more convenient office work. Huawei meets this by launching the experience-centric High-Quality 10 Gbps CloudCampus Solution that stands out with the following three types of experience upgrade:

• Wireless experience upgrade: Huawei's all-scenario Wi-Fi 7 is the first in the industry, facilitating the upgrade of wireless networks. The tested rate of a single terminal is up to 4.33 Gbps, which is twice that of Wi-Fi 6E. Ultra-large files can be downloaded in seconds. The exclusive converged scheduling technology implements converged scheduling of space domain, frequency domain, time domain, and applications, significantly improving the concurrency efficiency and supporting 30-channel 4K VR courses without dizziness.

• Application experience upgrade: The exclusive application experience assurance solution accurately identifies 6000 applications and elastically slices traffic to build fast lanes to ensure zero frame freezing for key applications. The exclusive VIP experience assurance solution enables VIP users to enjoy exclusive network lanes, ensuring zero impact on VIP user experience.

• O&M experience upgrade:The industry's first campus digital map, which is a four-dimensional map of networks, users, terminals, and applications, visualizes E2E experience, and locates the root causes of problems by one click, improving O&M efficiency by 10 times. The optimal energy-saving period can be automatically recommended based on traffic tidal prediction, improving energy efficiency and saving energy by 30%.

Shawn Zhao, President of the Campus Network Domain, Huawei's Data Communication Product Line, gave a keynote speech at the session. He stated that " High-quality 10 Gbps CloudCampus,experience-centric, aligning with enterprises' expectations for wireless, application, and O&M experience upgrade,leading campus networks from the connectivity-centric era into the experience-centric era."

This white paper explores the new campus network trends and maps out the campus network evolution direction for enterprises to accelerate their digital and intelligent journey. As new technologies and application scenarios emerge one after another, high-quality 10 Gbps campus networks will become an important infrastructure and the preferred choice for enterprises. Such future-proof networks will drive the intelligent development of diverse industries, and inject new vitality and impetus into enterprises' digital and intelligent transformation.

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