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HUAWEI eKit Joins Hands with Distribution Partners to Explore Unlimited Opportunities in the SME Market

Sep 20, 2023

[Shanghai, China, September 20, 2023] During HUAWEI CONNECT 2023, Huawei held a distribution business session titled "HUAWEI eKit, Digitalization for Success." Huawei outlined its approach to the distribution business in the session: focus on distribution partners (DPs), stay subcontractor-centred, and help global DPs to keep developing the SME market through continuous innovation and competitive products & services. In addition, Huawei launched 17 new distribution products for domains such as campus networks and data storage, providing comprehensive solutions for SMEs.

HUAWEI eKit is a sub-brand designed for the distribution business under Huawei. It aims to provide versatile products and solutions for hundreds of millions of SMEs by leveraging Huawei's over 30 years of experience in ICT and digital transformation. It strives to better serve the digital needs of SMEs, help DPs develop their businesses, and expand opportunities in the SME market.

Wei Xianbin, Director of Huawei Enterprise BG Distribution MKT & Product Sales Dept

At the session, Wei Xianbin, Director of Huawei Enterprise BG Distribution MKT & Product Sales Dept, explained that HUAWEI eKit has established a complete DP system and maintained a healthy market. By developing marketable distribution products and efficient IT tools, HUAWEI eKit can assist gold and elite DPs in serving lower-level installers and meet the business needs of countless SMEs. Currently, it has carried out distribution business in 41 countries and regions outside of China, and 125 partners have registered as Huawei's gold DPs.

Products outside China

HUAWEI eKit is dedicated to developing distribution products that are easy to buy, sell, install, maintain, learn, and use for various business scenarios in the SME market. It has developed a wide range of products, including intelligent collaboration, wired and wireless networks, IP + optical access networks, storage, and IT platforms. During the first half of 2023, HUAWEI eKit had launched 31 products. At the session, HUAWEI eKit launched another 17, which includes the eKitEngine S220 and S310 series, L2 and L3 switches that support full 10GE uplink and Perpetual PoE; eKitEngine AP160, a wall plate AP that is 8 mm thin and supports the unique DVFS technology; and other new products that support SAN/NAS hybrid storage. By the end of the year, HUAWEI eKit will have more than 50 distribution products, which can be rearranged into solutions for over 30 typical scenarios. This includes SOHO, hotels, catering, commercial real estate, and retail.

Sun Liang, Vice President of Huawei Datacom Distribution Business

In the datacom campus domain, HUAWEI eKit launched 31 SME network products over the course of 2023. This includes converged gateways with industry-leading performance, easy-to-use switches, WLAN products with 20% wider coverage, and apps that facilitate O&M for partners and customers. Sun Liang, Vice President of Huawei Datacom Distribution Business, promised that Huawei Datacom will keep updating its products to make sure they remain ahead of the game. They will launch converged gateways with better overall utility, switches with better performance, APs that support more scenarios, and more user-friendly apps soon.

Zhong Lei, Vice President of Huawei Intelligent Collaboration Distribution Business

HUAWEI eKit leverages IdeaHub to provide its secure and stable performance during conferences and daily life at the office. According to Zhong Lei, Vice President of Huawei Intelligent Collaboration Distribution Business, DPs capitalise on the open ecosystem of IdeaHub and apply it to outlets, hospitals, and hotels, opening more market space for IdeaHub. Huawei Intelligent Collaboration will continue to support partners' marketing and work together with them to properly serve customers.

In the future, HUAWEI eKit will continue to design marketable products that are easy to use, create a stable channel system, and build a healthy market. Through grounded marketing and an efficient digital operation platform, HUAWEI eKit will help DPs develop subcontractors and installers. Together with the partners, Huawei will drive the development of the SME market.

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