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Huawei Launches SE-OTN Solution to Accelerate SDH Production Network Evolution in Energy and Transportation

Sep 21, 2023

[Shanghai, China, September 21, 2023] At HUAWEI CONNECT 2023, Huawei launched the F5G Simplified Enhanced OTN (SE-OTN) solution. This solution uses optical service unit (OSU) — the next-generation synchronous digital hierarchy (SDH) technology — to achieve a 10-fold increase in bandwidth while inheriting the security and reliability of SDH networks. Unlike conventional OTN solutions, this solution is free of optical-layer devices. This greatly simplifies network planning and O&M, and effectively reduces construction costs. SE-OTN is the optimal solution for SDH production network evolution in energy and transportation. It fully meets the network requirements for building new service systems during the intelligent transformation of these industries.

Huawei is launching its SE-OTN Solution

Huawei is launching its SE-OTN Solution

Currently, production networks in industries such as electric power and transportation mainly use SDH to carry services. With unique advantages such as high security and easy O&M, SDH networks ensure key service systems run securely and reliably in these industries. However, the advent of the AI era is driving the wide application of services such as AI-powered intelligent site inspection, intelligent detection, and AI-based centralized image analysis. This will lead to a 100-fold increase in the number of IoT devices at sites and a 10-fold increase in the required bandwidth. Legacy SDH networks cannot provide the bandwidth required to ensure these emerging services run securely and reliably. Consequently, bearer networks for industry production, office, and IoT services need to be upgraded and reconstructed.

OSU is the next-generation standard for SDH evolution. So far, IEEE, ITU-T, and CCSA have released OSU-related technical standards or initiated related projects, providing directions and specifications for SDH production network evolution in diverse industries.

Huawei is committed to developing innovative products and solutions for energy and transportation customers. At Mobile World Congress 2023, Huawei launched the industry's first end-to-end OSU product portfolio, spanning from the backbone network to the access network, for industry production networks. Huawei SE-OTN Solution further enriches OSU products and enables their large-scale deployment, thereby serving thousands of small and medium-sized sites in energy and transportation. It can be used for SDH reconstruction in scenarios such as substations, stations, toll stations, and oil and gas BVSs.

Huawei SE-OTN Solution has the following features:

Zero optical layer: uses gray light to carry services, no need for optical-layer devices; free of OTN optical-layer planning, design, and commissioning, achieving simplified planning, construction, and maintenance; inherits SDH O&M habits, no need to re-train O&M personnel

10-fold bandwidth: breaks through the SDH bandwidth limit of 10 Gbit/s, supports the mainstream 100 Gbit/s bandwidth, and supports smooth evolution to as much as 800 Gbit/s per wavelength, meeting the bandwidth requirements of small-granularity production services and various digital and intelligent services in emerging service systems

High security and reliability: uses OSU (the fifth-generation NHP technology) to carry different services over one network, with 100% physical isolation and zero crosstalk between services; uses key capabilities such as multi-path hitless protection to achieve 99.999% reliability

Optimal TCO: removes the optical-layer system of the conventional OTN and uses typical lightweight device types and configurations to reduce network construction costs; efficiently builds networks for small and medium-sized sites, quickly completing large-scale network upgrade and reconstruction at these sites

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