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GITEX GLOBAL 2023: Huawei unveils F5G Green Intelligent OptiX Network to accelerate industry intelligence

——Based on Huawei's "OptiX to Everywhere" vision, F5G Green Intelligent OptiX Network applies innovative optical technologies to build a secure, intelligent, ultra-broadband, efficient, reliable, and simple digital network infrastructure for various industries

Oct 20, 2023

[Dubai, United Arab Emirates, October 20, 2023]At GITEX GLOBAL 2023, Huawei showcased its F5G Green Intelligent OptiX Network scenario-specific solutions that enable industry intelligence through cutting-edge technologies and scenario innovations, and shared application practices with global customers and partners in various industries.

Industry digitalization unleashes the potential of optical technologies, while the development of optical technologies accelerates industry digitalization and intelligence. Compared with copper lines, optical fibers are easy to obtain, have a long service life, and do not generate heat loss. They are also a much greener communication medium. Huawei's F5G Green Intelligent OptiX Network focuses on industry scenarios based on the concept of "OptiX to Everywhere" and applies innovative optical technologies to build a secure, intelligent, ultra-broadband, efficient, reliable, and simple digital network infrastructure for various industries.

Gu Yunbo, President of Huawei Enterprise Optical Network Domain

Gu Yunbo, President of Huawei Enterprise Optical Network Domain

Gu Yunbo, President of Huawei Enterprise Optical Network Domain, said, "With the deepening of industry intelligence, industries pose new requirements on connectivity. Industry intelligence, therefore, requires a leading F5G intelligent all-optical network. Amidst an intelligent evolution of industries, Huawei will continue to explore scenario-specific innovations in industries and work with partners to accelerate AI enablement in industries."

At the event, Huawei continues to promote industry intelligence and demonstrate three solutions and innovative products for different scenarios, accelerating AI enablement in industries.

For campus environments, Huawei has released the FTTO 2.0 solution. Based on the XGS-PON Pro technology, this solution supports 12.5G/25G to rooms, 2.5G/10G to APs, and 2.5G to desktops, building green 10G all-optical networks and facilitating campus intelligence. Featuring ultra-broadband, simplified, high-quality, and green networks, the solution can be used in scenarios such as virtual simulation teaching and medical AI-assisted diagnosis to enable unified bearing of all services over one fiber and meet customer requirements for building next-generation campus networks.

To power the electric power and transportation industries transformation, Huawei has launched the SE-OTN solution, which is applied to SDH reconstruction at various stations, including power substations, trackside stations, toll stations, and oil and gas BVSs. Using the next-generation optical service unit (OSU) standard for SDH evolution, this solution offers 10X more bandwidth than legacy SDH networks and inherits the high security and reliability of such networks. And unlike common OTN solutions, the SE-OTN solution does not require complex optical-layer devices, thereby simplifying network planning and O&M and effectively reducing construction costs. As such, it represents an optimal choice for industries looking to evolve their SDH production networks. This solution fully meets the network requirements that energy and transportation customers have for building new service systems during the industry intelligence evolution.

In perimeter protection scenarios, Huawei has launched the optical-visual linkage perimeter protection solution. With the support of the optical sensing device OptiXsense EF3000 and the integration of intelligent vision, this solution provides perimeter protection with the advantages of multi-dimensional sensing, multi-dimensional review, and precise positioning. When a person or object enters the protected area, the intelligent optical fiber accurately detects intrusion events, NCE intelligently classifies intermittent and mobility events and intelligent vision identifies dynamic and static objects within the line of sight (LOS) and intelligently analyzes and eliminates false positives, improving identification accuracy. This solution provides protection and detection capabilities with zero false negatives, few false positives, all-weather, and full coverage for various complex perimeter scenarios. It can be widely used in multiple perimeter protection scenarios, such as railways and airports, to provide comprehensive and secure intelligent perimeter protection.

Huawei F5G Green Intelligent OptiX Network solutions have served customers in industries such as education, government, transportation, finance, and energy worldwide. In the future, Huawei will work with customers and partners to penetrate various industries, continuously build ubiquitous optical connections, and facilitate the intelligent upgrades of industries.

Huawei is participating in GITEX GLOBAL 2023, where it will present new directions to help all industries make the most of the new intelligence digitalization and the strategic opportunities presented by AI, supported by cloud, advanced networks capabilities and digital power. The company will also explore how it can optimize support for the region's ICT ecosystem and drive industries to digital transformation.

For more information about Huawei's participation at GITEX GLOBAL, please visit the Huawei GITEX GLOBAL website: