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Huawei CloudWAN 3.0 Aims to Build Ultimate-Experience WANs

Feb 28, 2023

[Barcelona, Spain, February 28, 2023] At the Huawei IP Club Carnival held during the 2023 Mobile World Congress (MWC 2023), Zuo Meng — Vice President of Huawei Data Communication Product Line — unveiled the fully upgraded CloudWAN 3.0 solution. By simplifying networks, architectures, and devices, this solution enables ultimate experience, injects new impetus into industry digital transformation, and lays a solid foundation for digital infrastructures.

Zuo Meng, Vice President of Huawei's Data Communication Product Line, delivers a speech

In today's booming digital economy, new applications are emerging in all walks of life. Enterprises face many obstacles in digital transformation, such as slow service provisioning, high network construction costs, low private line utilization, and difficult fault locating resulting from passive O&M. To address the challenges brought about by the digital era, Huawei has continuously upgraded its CloudWAN solution to provide application-level ultimate experience.

In terms of network simplification, the CloudWAN 3.0 solution enables one network to carry the services of different departments and enterprises through slicing, thereby improving bandwidth utilization while also ensuring security isolation. This also enhances network quality and O&M efficiency, guaranteeing network bandwidth. In terms of architecture simplification, the solution replaces multiple purpose-built devices with one multi-service router for converged service transport. This cuts space requirements by 50% and power consumption by 40%, significantly improving user experience. And in terms of device simplification, the solution streamlines full-lifecycle O&M to improve the overall operational efficiency. For example, it enables easy site deployment through mobile apps, service provisioning within minutes through SRv6-based automatic path selection, and intelligent O&M through iMaster NCE-IP digital map-based network quality visualization.

Huawei launched multi-service router NetEngine 8000 F8

The CloudWAN 3.0 solution is based on Huawei's newly launched multi-service router — NetEngine 8000 F8. This router has a forwarding capacity of 2 Tbps and can smoothly evolve to a larger capacity. It provides SR, BNG, IPsec, and CGN features in one device, 1:1 backup for main control boards and SFUs, and N+1 backup for power modules, guaranteeing system reliability. And to meet the diverse interface requirements of different services, it adopts a parent-child card design that allows flexible port configuration. This router is widely used in sectors such as government, ISP, energy, and transportation.

Networks are the cornerstone of industry digital transformation. Huawei will continue to improve the competitiveness of cloud WANs, innovate in hardware and software, and build intelligent cloud connectivity with computing power, so as to provide sufficient computing power and momentum for enterprise digital transformation.