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Huawei Launches the 5S Converged e-Government Network Solution to Promote Intelligence in Governments' Public Services

Sep 21, 2023

[Shanghai, China, September 21, 2023] During HUAWEI CONNECT 2023, Huawei launched the 5S(Super) Converged e-Government Network Solution at the session of Unified Cloud & Network, Accelerating Intelligent Government. Huawei invited 180 public service experts from more than 20 countries to discuss the trend of government public services, the path to implement digital transformation, how to promote high-quality economic and social development, and how to improve people's sense of security, acquisition, and happiness.

Andrew Zhang, Vice President of Huawei Global Public Sector, and Yury Yin, Vice President of Huawei Datacom Product Line etc., launched the 5S Converged Government One Network Solution.

Andrew Zhang, Vice President of Huawei Global Public Sector, and Yury Yin, Vice President of Huawei Datacom Product Line etc., launched the 5S Converged Government One Network Solution.

Building Ubiquitous Connectivity to Promote the Digital Economy

In recent years, an increasing number of governments are releasing digital strategies to lead digital infrastructure development, laying a solid foundation for the development of their digital economies. Huawei developed the 5S Converged Government Network Solution to help governments implement digital strategies and promote inclusive and fair digital services, enabling everyone to enjoy the benefits of digital technology. The solution provides ubiquitous connectivity services and high-quality office experience for five major scenarios: Government data center, inclusive interconnectivity, campus network, backbone network, and MAN, helping governments build top-level 'one cloud, one network' ICT architecture and the inclusive government service network.

Accelerating Digital Transformation of Public Services

As digital transformation enters the new stage, public services are becoming increasingly people-centric. For comprehensive service scenarios, integrated cloud and network infrastructure can meet users' requirements on cross-network and cross-region data exchanges, and provide one-stop services for the public. In addition, such infrastructure can create a unified, secure, and reliable bearer environment for government departments, helping them connect to each other, increase the collaboration efficiency, raise the governance level, and improve public service quality.

Andrew Zhang, Vice President of Huawei Global Public Sector, said: Moving from strategies to execution, our first task is to build a solid ICT foundation, that is, new infrastructure for the future digital world. Huawei proposed the concept of "one cloud" + "one network" for national digital infrastructure construction. "One cloud" means a national cloud, supporting government services, AI innovation, digital education, digital healthcare, and scientific research. "One network" means a national network, connecting cities, government branches, and even villages, schools and hospitals in remote areas. The national digital infrastructure will improve the efficiency and quality of government services, lay a solid foundation for the digital economy development. More important, it will further bridge the digital divide and prevent anyone from falling behind in the digital world.

Augustine Chiew, an industry expert from Huawei Global Public Sector, said, "Leveraging innovative ICT technologies, a Digital First country based on the pillars of Digital Economy, Digital Government and Digital Society can be created. New digital infrastructures comprising the unified network and cloud, intelligent sensors, and AI large models will form the foundation supporting the transformation."

Hon.Dr.Chris Baryomunsi, Minister for ICT & National Guidance of Uganda, said: "The government of Uganda is deploying inclusive and intelligent digital infrastructure all across the country. We are trying to expand digitalization in various domains, and stimulate economic development in the secondary and tertiary sectors through ICT."

In the government and public sectors, Huawei adheres to the concept of "building national digital infrastructure and accelerating digital transformation of public services", helping global government customers accelerate digital transformation and promote intelligent upgrade of public services.

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