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    Smart Railway TFDS Solution

    Precisely identify faults and streamline operations with the
    Huawei Pangu Railway Model.


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A conventional trouble of moving freight car detection sytem(TFDS) uses trackside high-speed cameras to capture images of freight car components. Images are then analyzed by TFDS inspectors, one by one, to identify potential train faults and generate alarms accordingly.

But, with hundreds of millions of images generated every day, enormous pressure is placed on inspectors, resulting in all too frequently missed faults and alarms that are never raised. That's a big problem. So Artificial Intelligence (AI) and similarly advanced technologies are urgently needed to improve the intelligence of TFDSs, accelerate fault analysis, and relieve the pressure placed on inspectors.

Huawei's Smart Railway TFDS Solution deploys the Huawei Pangu Railway Model as the foundation for pre-trained models, integrating AI into the entire TFDS identification process. This effectively filters out over 95% of fault-free images, to precisely identify over 430 common faults on 67 types of freight cars,the comprehensive fault identification rate is greater than 99.3%. Greatly improve operation efficiency.

Gain the Edge

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Precise Identification

Covering both human-machine collaboration and through-type operation scenarios, the solution identifies over 430 common faults with a comprehensive fault identification rate over 99.3%, ensuring near-zero missed critical faults.

Digital Operations

Increased Operational Efficiency

The solution intelligently filters out over 95% of fault-free images, significantly reducing manual review workloads and increasing operational efficiency by 200%.


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Real-World Success