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    Autonomous Driving Mining Vehicles

    Improve safety, slash costs, and boost efficiency.

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  • Overview/Value/Solutions/Highlights/Products/Resoures/For Partners

Overcoming Recruitment and Efficiency Challenges

Open-pit mines are widely perceived to be dangerous, unpleasant places to work, beset with many challenges and safety risks. In this environment, onsite transportation is, unsurprisingly, complex. And while transport accidents happen far too often, the whole process, generally speaking, is also far too inefficient and slow.

With mine operators facing increasing difficulties recruiting a new generation of workers, autonomous driving mining vehicles are an obvious — and highly effective — solution to the problem and, as such, are integral to the development of intelligent open-pit mines.

Huawei's intelligent Autonomous Driving Mining Vehicles Solution helps mine operators significantly reduce labor costs, save energy, and improve annual overall efficiency — by 10% or more.


Smart Office

Reduced Staff Costs

With fewer personnel involved in transportation operations, production safety is boosted and related labor costs cut. Work stoppages due to human error or personal injury are also eliminated.

Intelligent vehicle recognition

Smoother Operations

Autonomous driving boosts efficiency by optimizing vehicle speeds and route planning, saving on fuel costs and tire wear. Real-time vehicle condition monitoring data is used to implement predictive maintenance.

Improved Efficiency

Deep Learning (DL) and model training are used to improve the scheduling algorithm and optimize transportation efficiency.

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