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    Composite O&M Platform for Safety and Production

    A standardized operations platform to optimize management and working procedures.


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Huawei Joins Industry's Top Ecosystem Partners to Build
Intelligent Power Plants

Under the pressure of "dual carbon" target, deep peak adjustment, ultra-low emission, and flexible operation have become inevitable trends and long-term research hotspots in the power generation industry. Power generation enterprises urgently need to introduce new technologies to upgrade to Intelligent transformation. Documents issued by the State Council, local governments, and power generation groups on the construction of Intelligent power plants have been issued, which clearly point out that: improving power supply-side intelligence, strengthening plant-level intelligent construction of traditional energy and new energy generation, promoting the integration of source and network, improving the quality and efficiency of electric power development, and promoting multi-energy complementarities. Increase the level of renewable energy consumption.

With the Spark architecture as the core, Huawei Intelligent Power Generation Solution provides digital power infrastructure, Intelligent thermal power, Intelligent new energy solutions, Intelligent hydropower, and Intelligent nuclear power solutions at four levels: cloud, pipe, edge, and device, and is dedicated to building a safe, efficient, user-friendly, and green Intelligent power ecosystem. Help power generation enterprises realize digital transformation, improve efficiency and ensure intrinsic security.

Gain the Edge

Converged Management

Knowledge Asset Accumulation

Within mines, production processes are standardized to form digital asset deposits.

resource integration

Revitalized Data and Optimized Procedures

Processing data is aggregated to optimize and improve production regulations and operations.

033 flexible service customization

Quantified Value

Key issues regarding handling efficiency, material loss, personnel performance, and core appraisals are automatically quantified.