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    Smart and Integrated TTU Solution

    Super Brain in Transformer Districts, Implementing Lean Management of Distribution Networks


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Smart and Integrated TTU Solution

Distribution networks provide last mile delivery of the power grid to users, and are critical to power supply services. Many facilities, such as electric vehicles, distributed energy, microgrids, and energy storage devices are connected to the grid through distribution networks. With the opening up of the electric power market, various power consumption demands have emerged. These all pose higher requirements for secure, economical, and adaptive low-voltage power distribution networks. Huawei considers the status quo and development trend of low-voltage power distribution networks and adheres to the design concept of "platform-hardware and app-based software" to develop the smart and integrated TTU solution. Based on the distributed edge computing IoT technology, this solution implements comprehensive data collection, status awareness, and service penetration in power transformer districts. It provides services, such as precise control of low-voltage power distribution and consumption device information, lean O&M, and power quality indicator analysis through apps. As a result, it improves regional energy management capabilities, meets requirements for distributed energy access and diversified load management, and implements flexible and fast deployment of distribution network services. Based on the local decision-making and cloud-based collaboration mechanisms of transformer districts, the low-voltage power distribution network is transformed from reactive management to proactive management.


easy to deploy

Fast service rollout

Platform-based hardware, app-based services, and container isolation security technologies improve system reliability, ensure service stability, and accelerate service rollout.

High Efficiency Power Generation

Reliable power supply

Edge computing implements fault analysis and local decision-making, reducing bandwidth consumption of communication channels with the master station and improving power supply reliability.

Digital Operations

Easy maintenance

The IoT management platform implements refined O&M management and automatic access of many terminals, reducing the frequency of site visits and the workload of O&M personnel.

Continuous Security

High security

Comprehensive security mechanisms at the chip, access, transmission, and access control layers provide E2E security assurance.


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