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    Intelligent Wind Power Network Solution

    The all-wireless intelligent wind power network helps wind farms achieve unstaffed/least-staffed inspection and digital operations


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Intelligent Wind Power Network Solution

As a new energy source, wind power is becoming increasingly popular, but the large-scale deployment of wind turbines brings many challenges to the O&M of wind farms. Difficult security: Wind farms are located in remote areas with poor public network coverage. Operators cannot connect to the Internet once they leave the booster station. There is no signal in the wind turbine, which means accidents cannot be detected in time. Low inspection efficiency: Wind turbines are distributed in huge areas that are often hundreds of kilometers in size. The manual entry of inspection data means a heavy workload, and the efficiency of issuing work tickets is low. High turnover leads to an insufficient number of operators and the delayed handling of onsite problems.

Huawei's intelligent wind power network solution provides convenient access and real-time data backhaul for mobile inspection, operation management, emergency command, and inspection vehicle dispatching scenarios through high-quality Wi-Fi coverage in wind turbines and wind farms, improving O&M efficiency and ensuring operational security. Huawei uses the SD-WAN intelligent scheduling technology to identify key applications and provide high-priority SLA assurance for scenarios such as remote expert support and emergency command during maintenance, ensuring no artifacts or frame freezing in videos. iMaster NCE centrally manages devices such as APs, routers, and switches, monitors network quality in real time, and visualizes the network quality, helping O&M operators quickly rectify faults.


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• Seamless coverage inside and around wind turbines, with a radius of 250 meters
• Lossless roaming, no disconnection in mobile operations

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High quality

• Wi-Fi 6 high bandwidth and low latency, real-time onsite video backhaul and analysis
• Wired and wireless intelligent scheduling, zero frame freezing for 10 key services including remote support and emergency command

Superior Performance

Simplified O&M

• Unified management of LAN/WAN + wired and wireless networks, visualized and manageable E2E service quality
• WLAN planning, easy and clear environment simulation, AP deployment, and signal simulation. AI radio optimization improves network performance by 58%


Huawei's intelligent wind power network solution provides end-to-end network connection for turbines, booster stations, and the centralized control center. AirEngine Wi-Fi 6 APs are deployed in the wind turbine area to provide full coverage in and around the area and high-quality access for turbine sensors and inspection terminals. NetEngine AR routers are deployed in the booster station and centralized control center to enable intelligent scheduling for inspection data, office, and remote expert support services, optimizing service experience and reducing network leasing costs. iMaster NCE implements unified management and E2E visualized O&M of all network devices, improving O&M efficiency.

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Gain the Edge

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Wi-Fi 6 AI roaming

Industry's exclusive AI roaming enables handovers without risk of disconnection
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Wi-Fi 6 multimedia intelligent scheduling

Intelligent multimedia scheduling, no speed limit on the entire network, fully unleashing AP performance