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    Data-Intelligence Integrated Platform

    Converge data and intelligence to streamline data operations.


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Roll Out Intelligent, Real-Time, and Efficient Data Operations

Although financial institutions are now generating unprecedented volumes of data, individual departments far too often manage data separately, failing to centrally collect, analyze, and derive value from it.

Explore the true value of data with Huawei's Data-Intelligence Integrated Platform. Quickly and easily collect, use, and analyze data through pre-integrated systematic policies, processes, and methods. The platform is also already equipped with data governance tools for centralized management and higher processing efficiency, to maximize data value.



30% Faster Data Transfers

• Converge data and Artificial Intelligence (AI) on a cloud-native financial data lakehouse.
• Query data in seconds using a real-time streaming data engine.

Low Latency, No Loss

80% Swifter Service Rollout

• Simplify rollout with a pre-integrated toolkit that works with over 16 partners.
• Deploy one of nine preset out-of-the-box financial models.

Leading Business Capabilities

40% More Efficient Services

• Access a complete range of digital services, including architecture planning, integration design, model loading, and data migration.




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Cloud-Native Data Lake (MRS)

MapReduce Service (MRS) provides Hadoop-based high-performance big data components, such as Hudi, ClickHouse, Spark, Flink, Kafka, and HBase, for data lakes, data warehouses, business intelligence, AI, and more. MRS is available for both hybrid and public clouds. On hybrid clouds, a single cloud-native architecture runs offline, real-time, and logical data lakes, enabling intelligent transformation. On public clouds, quickly build an open, secure, and reliable one-stop big data platform at low cost.

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Eliminate the need to manually manage or monitor databases with Data Warehouse Service (DWS), an online data processing database that uses a public cloud infrastructure and platform to provide scalable, fully -managed, and out-of-the-box analytic database services.

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Query and analyze graph-structure data based on various relationships with Graph Engine Service (GES), China's first commercial distributed native graph engine with independent intellectual property rights. GES is specifically suited for scenarios requiring analysis of rich relationship data, including social applications, enterprise relationship analysis, risk control, recommendations, and anti-fraud applications.

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Huawei Cloud Stack (HCS) adapts to your organizational structure and business processes, serving as a single integrated cloud solution for all business needs. Indeed, diverse government bodies and enterprises alike have already deployed HCS in their local data centers, synchronizing the capabilities of Huawei Cloud to access the same cloud service experience both on-cloud and on-premises. With HCS in place, quickly innovate — just as you would on a public cloud — while easily managing and controlling services as if on a private cloud.

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The Ascend AI Accelerated Cloud Server can be obtained at any time and elastically scaled. It provides efficient computing power for AI training and inference acceleration in various AI use cases.

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The Kunpeng general computing platform provides TaiShan servers based on the Kunpeng processor, Kunpeng motherboards, and Kunpeng Developer Kit. Hardware vendors develop their own products and solutions running on Kunpeng motherboards. Software vendors develop application software and services based on the openEuler OS and platform software, such as databases and middleware. The Kunpeng Developer Kit accelerates application software porting and upgrades computing power for developers. Built for diversified, green computing for all industries, the Kunpeng computing platform is committed to pushing the boundaries of general-purpose computing.

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AI Platform ModelArts

ModelArts is a one-stop development platform for AI developers. It allows developers to rapidly build, train, and deploy models, managing full-lifecycle AI workflows. It supports data preprocessing and auto labeling, distributed training, automated model building, and on-demand model deployment on devices, at the edge, and on the cloud .