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  • High-Quality Simplified Data Center Network

    High-Quality Simplified Data Center Network

    No matter how small a data center is, it still requires a high-quality network to ensure service stability.


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High-Quality Simplified Data Center Network

The high-quality simplified data center network is oriented to small and medium-sized customers in the financial sector (for example, small and medium-sized securities traders, funds, and rural commercial banks) as well as other enterprises that require data center networks. A variety of deployment solutions are provided to match customers' different scales and needs. With reliable service assurance and simplified O&M, the high-quality network allows data centers of different sizes to run stably in the long term.


Continuous Security

High Reliability

• Redundant component protection or real-time monitoring and self-healing, improving device reliability to 99.999%
• Redundant configuration of power supplies and fans for key modules

Long-Distance Coverage

High Stability

• Link fault convergence within 100 ms, ensuring service continuity and stability
• Active/standby access of server NICs and switchover within 100 ms

Simplified O&M

• Automatic service path restoration and one-click fault locating
• Built-in emergency response, triggered in one click when faults occur


smart simplified data center network solution architecture en

High reliability

Device-level and link-level technologies ensure 24/7 stable running of services.

Reduced investment

The SDN controller can be deployed on a single server to manage devices and services in a unified manner.

IT linkage

Supports cloud and virtualization platform collaboration as well as association between IT resources and network deployment.

Simplified O&M

Supports three-layer network visibility, automatic service path restoration, and one-click fault locating.