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    Accelerate Digital Transformation of the Healthcare Industry


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Accelerate Digital Transformation of the Healthcare Industry

Accelerate Digital Transformation of the Healthcare Industry

Countries and societies worldwide have recognized the importance of strengthening the construction of new infrastructure and using digital technologies to balance medical resources, improve public health management, and promote the high-quality development of public hospitals. Huawei supports the digitalization of the healthcare industry based on leading technologies and ICT infrastructure products and solutions, as well as our extensive experience in digital transformation and knowledge accumulated over the past decade serving healthcare customers. In this process, service capabilities of the industry have been improved, refined management of hospitals strengthened, and primary medical and healthcare services upgraded. By practically enabling smart healthcare, Huawei helps accelerate the realization of "Healthy China 2030".

Huawei has now served over 5000 healthcare organizations across 90 or so countries and regions.

In China, Huawei has cooperated with more than 1800 tertiary hospitals to build smart hospitals, and participated in the construction of the national healthcare security administration, national smart healthcare security lab, and medical insurance information platforms in 31 provinces.


Business Management

Smart services
(intended for patients)

Make healthcare services available from anywhere and provide end-to-end full-lifecycle health management.

0158 medical WIFI

Smart healthcare
(intended for medical staff)

Improve work efficiency and diagnosis accuracy with optimized service processes, diagnosis methods, and treatment modes.

date intelligence

Smart management
(intended for management personnel)

Provide visualized, manageable, and controllable services and implement refined operation in an end-to-end manner to ensure efficient hospital operations.


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Hospital Active-Active Data Centers Solution

By building two data centers between hospital buildings into the active-active mode, the solution can provide redundancy protection for applications in each data center and implement seamless migration within the site. In addition, when a fault occurs in one site, all application systems of the site are switched to the other site. In this way, the failover is seamless without data loss, and continuous availability is provided.

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High-Quality Small and Midsize Hospital Network

Huawei Intelligent Network Solution for Small and Midsize Hospital: Wi-Fi & IoT convergence, improving healthcare efficiency and patients' healthcare experience; Wired and wireless services carried on a simplified network, facilitating cross-branch collaborative management and O&M


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