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    Best Practices for Digital Transformation in the New ICT Era

Today’s leading enterprises’ exploration and adoption of best practices for digital transformation are reaching new heights.

For example, the elevator industry has been in existence for over 100 years and is now embracing significant digital transformation, evidenced by the dramatic increase in elevator sensors — from 12 or so in past designs to over 700 in today’s modern elevators. These sensors collect vast amounts of information, such as the number of times elevator doors open and close, their location, environmental readings, and Closed-Circuit Television (CCTV) data. Once this data is collected, it is uploaded in real time to the cloud in order to implement ‘smart management’ using Big Data analytics. This is just one example of the advances in elevator design and management, enabled via joint innovation between Schindler, a 100-year-old elevator giant, and Huawei.

There are many other examples of digital transformation best practices taking place today. In particular, logistics giant DHL is also working on solutions in close cooperation with Huawei, using industrial-grade IoT hardware and infrastructure. These jointly developed solutions provide important data and ensure added visibility to warehouse operations, transportation of goods, and last-mile delivery, creating a more integrated logistics value chain.

Today, many enterprises are at the beginning of their digital transformation, and are hoping to use digital features to create new business models and roadmaps for their future. Today’s enterprises can greatly benefit from the valuable expertise and knowledge gained from the experiences of forward-thinking companies such as Schindler Group and DHL.

Huawei’s position as a world leader in digital transformation has been recognized by many major enterprises who have selected Huawei as their partner for digital transformation, including 197 companies in Fortune Global 500 — 45 of which are in the top 100.

ICT Insights Magazine is constantly searching for the best digital transformation practices from around the world. In this collection of Enterprise Digital Transformation Stories, over 20 Fortune Global 500, as well as other pioneering digital transformation enterprises, such as DHL, China Construction Bank, and China Pacific Insurance (Group) Co., Ltd. are featured. This compilation showcases leading digital transformation practices and insights into cloud computing, Big Data, the IoT, AI, and other emerging technologies. These technologies are being adopted in Utilities, Finance, Power, Transportation, Manufacturing, and other industries. We hope that the sharing of these experiences in the exploration of digital transformation can deliver insights and guidance for enterprises in every industry, as well as provide inspiration from digital transformation’s many benefits.

We hope that all our friends, old and new, will enjoy reading the compilation of case studies presented in this special issue, and hope it helps you discover your best path to digital transformation. Thanks for reading, we wish you the very best for your future success.