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First L3 Autonomous Driving Network That Tolly Has Ever Evaluated

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In a third-party test performed by the Tolly Group — a leading provider of validation and certification services — the Huawei CloudFabric Solution outperformed Cisco's Intent-Based Networking (IBN) Solution for data centers in terms of deployment efficiency, accuracy, usability, maintainability, availability, and management scale. Indeed, the Huawei CloudFabric Solution is the only Data Center Network (DCN) solution the Tolly Group has ever evaluated that implements L3 autonomous driving.

Huawei CloudFabric Solution vs. Cisco IBN Solution

Tolly tested and compared both solutions across the full data center lifecycle, from Day 0 to Day N.

  • What is an L3 autonomous driving DCN?

  • How can your data center benefit from an Autonomous Driving Network (ADN)?

  • What makes the Huawei CloudFabric Solution unique?

Download the full Tolly Report to discover the answers and learn more about the Huawei CloudFabric Solution.

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Download the Full Tolly Report

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