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Digital Platform Drives Innovative Experiences

  • From 20 days to 2 days
    To apply for free compulsory education for their children, migrant workers were required to spend 20 days and visit multiple departments. They now spend two days to apply online and submit materials offline to a single service hall.
  • From passive recycling to automatic notification
    When a waste bin should be emptied, related urban departments will receive a notice.
  • From traffic lights to smart traffic control
    Converges data from various sources to coordinate traffic lights at multiple intersections. Cities allow vehicles to move based on their quantity as opposed to traffic regulation with lights.

Solution Architecture

Digital Platform Characteristics 

  • Perception

    NB-IoT and eLTE-IoT are the most-suited LPWA IoT technologies for Smart Cities. They help to build a city perception network.

  • Connectivity

    The 4.5G-based solution supports both narrowband and broadband services and integrates licensed and unlicensed bands. Large-capacity narrowband IoT enables up to 50,000 connections per base station. The high-density Wi-Fi solution improves the wireless broadband access experience.

  • Intelligence

    Huawei’s big data platform, data resource pools and deep learning systems, supports data modeling in 1 million dimensions and serves as a city's “digital brain”.

  • Experience

    Consulting and planning experience of 20+ years, 120+ projects delivered, and 30+ years of delivery experience and implementation services

Huawei’s Digital Platform Facilitates Transformation in Various Industries