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    Yapı Kredi Continues to Make Banking Users' Lives Easier with Huawei Storage

Within the frame of its strategy for 2022, Yapı Kredi targets to achieve deepening relationships with existing clients and reach new customers while maximizing brand loyalty which means a bank has to redevelop its IT infrastructure to ensure an exceptional customer experience with its online banking services.

Yapı Kredi is Turkey's third-largest private bank. It provides service to its customers with 16,426 employees and 804 branches covering all regions of Turkey. Yapı Kredi was the first bank in the country to offer its customer’s credit card service. As of the year-end 2021, the bank maintained its pioneering approach in card payment systems and leading position in the sector with over 12.9 million credit cards. Its payment solutions not only include traditional POS and online applications, but also enable QR Codes, contactless payment with the mobile device, and payment from inside the car function. On the back of these innovative applications developed, Yapı Kredi presented novel developments for the world's credit card sector.

Creating a Trusted IT Foundation to Prioritize Customers during Rapid Growth

2022 goals of Yapı Kredi concerning card payment systems include increasing card and POS customers’ usage rate on digital channels and enhancing customer experience. Meanwhile, with the increasing number of customers, the bank is facing the challenge of increasing demand for contactless payments. During peak service hours, the heavy workloads by users who log in to the banking app could lead to the challenge since its current IT infrastructure couldn’t scale effectively to meet the demands. Yapi Kredi needed storage with guaranteed efficiency for all workloads to carry out its everyday tasks.

The bank was looking for a secondary storage node to support the bank's payment systems' resiliency, availability, and smooth performance. A new hot-standby storage replacement was necessary. The most critical requirement was availability – the solution should stay immune to the threat of downtime. Any potential downtime can impact several banking services leading to a string of unsatisfied customers and a loss in service quality even brand reputation.

A Super Performing Storage Offering High Availability

Yapı Kredi comprehensively evaluated the different IT infrastructure solutions on the market. After Huawei presented its OceanStor Dorado All-flash Storage solution, the superior performance, and availability of storage support Huawei gained the chance from the bank's IT team to present a remote PoC. During the test, under strict conditions, Huawei performs the promised functions. At the same time, Yapı Kredi learned the design and detailed operation of the storage infrastructure. After intense deliberation, Yapı Kredi finally selected Huawei storage as part of the bank's strategic move to modernize its IT infrastructure.

The chosen Huawei OceanStor Dorado is a high-end all-flash storage system that delivers the industry-leading performance of up to 21,000,000 Input/Output Operations Per Second (SPC-1 IOPSTM) and 99.9999% reliability. The high-end storage systems feature intelligent acceleration that is designed to meet the demands of core enterprise services. It sets unprecedented standards for industry reliability, tolerating the failure of 7 out of 8 controllers. After passing committed performance during acceptance tests, the bank chose two identical storages, 8 controllers each, installed in Istanbul and the DR site.

Ongoing Improvements with Reliable IT Infrastructure

The end-to-end solution of Dorado 18000 V6 ensures Yapı Kredi’s significant gains in performance. Compared to the traditional storage system, Yapı Kredi ensured 2.6x more performance. By forming the symmetric architecture of Dorado high-end storage, the availability of the solution improved from 99.999% to 99.99999% means the sum of service interrupt time of a year is 3.1s. The Huawei storage systems provide the high performance and availability required to keep pace with the bank's growth. Its easy-to-scale ability can prepare for any business shift in the future. Additionally, Huawei OceanStor Dorado high-end all-flash storage systems enabled data reduction capabilities which ensured =~1:3 DRR improved the TCO by 40% compared to the traditional storage.

Digital banking services are supported directly by reliable IT infrastructure. "With Huawei, we have found the perfect mix that has allowed us to optimize our internal workflow and accelerate the customer experience," said Mustafa Çetin, Infrastructure Planning and Platform Director of Yapı Kredi. The upgrade is enabling Yapı Kredi to continue adding new options to new-generation digital payment solutions and deliver a faster and easier payment experience to customers.

"With Huawei, we have found the perfect mix that has allowed us to optimize our internal workflow and accelerate the customer experience."

Mustafa Çetin

Infrastructure Planning and Platform Director of Yapı Kredi Bank.