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    Proven, Trusted, and Serving the World: Huawei Global Services

The world is on the verge of becoming fully connected. Technological innovation has become the driving force behind social and economic development. Information and Communications Technology (ICT) has fundamentally changed how people work and live their daily lives.

To create prosperity and economic growth, governments first need to ensure that the basic needs of people and businesses are continuously met, including their communication needs. Services, in particular Operations and Maintenance (O&M), are key to ensure stable communication and ICT system availability. ICT systems require ongoing optimization, to ensure that they are always able to operate at peak performance.

Supporting Economic Development

The financial sector is a perfect example. In every country, a reliable financial system is a cornerstone of stable economic development. To ensure the reliability of financial services, banks need a robust network infrastructure. Joint-Stock Bank Pivdenny (JSB Pivdenny) is one of the largest commercial banks in Ukraine. JSB Pivdenny offers a wide range of financial services through its extensive network of 102 branch offices spread across Ukraine. To better meet their customer needs and support rapid business development, the bank decided to construct a new IT testing platform. Huawei offered the solution to match their list of requirements.

Also the Huawei support services met their requirements, based on the Huawei Hi-Care Premier Support package. Through this service, Huawei rapidly responds to their requests for Technical Assistance Center (TAC) support and advanced hardware replacements, 24 hours a day, seven days a week, regardless of the location.

JSB Pivdenny has been equally impressed by Huawei's solution in terms of performance, support, and Total Cost of Ownership (TCO). "During the OceanStor Dorado test, we had to contact the regional TAC in Romania twice, and we were satisfied," said Kavetskyi Mykhailo, Server Department Head at JSB Pivdenny. "We appreciate this level of service because our data centers are not located in the country's capital but in regional centers instead. Moreover, the local Huawei office managed to provide warehouses for spare parts closer to our data centers and deliver its Hi-Care Support Service."

Reliable Partners Count

Most organizations understand very well the importance of Operation & Maintenance for their business continuity. But, as is the case for JSB Pivdenny, data centers are often located in remote areas, with customer sites geographically distributed. This brings many potential challenges, while fierce competition and rapid digital transformation requires increasingly fast problem resolution. Hyper-accurate fault demarcation, faster disaster recovery, and more effective remote support is needed now more than ever before. Simply stated, every enterprise needs a reliable network support partner.

Huawei has been serving government and enterprise customers for many years. To provide a comprehensive global spare parts service Huawei has established a global spare parts center at the Huawei headquarter in Shenzhen, five regional spare parts centers across the globe, one regional spare parts logistics center, 122 country spare parts centers, and more than 1000 field stock locations. Through this network, Huawei can deliver spare parts onsite within 4 hours within more than 500 cities around the world.

Improving Production and Operational Efficiency

Exxaro is one of the largest energy companies in South Africa, with a head office and 13 branch offices located throughout the country. They decided to upgrade their network, in order to improve production and operational efficiency. Devices on their network were becoming outdated, causing problems with performance, availability and operational complexity. Different management systems were used for different parts of the network, using different policies. Needless to say, maintaining this complex network was challenging and extremely time-consuming.

Exxaro ordered a new network from Huawei, including the installation and migration services. Huawei completed the entire project in less than 2 weeks, and with zero impact on Exxaro's production. A nationwide network infrastructure “rip-and-replace” without productivity disruptions, in less than 14 days: that's what reliable service looks like!

And that is not the end of Huawei services for Exxaro: it is just the beginning…

After the migration, Exxaro's new network requires efficient O&M to ensure a stable, long-term operation. Huawei and Tech Mahindra, a Huawei certified service partner (CSP), jointly provide Huawei Co-Care Services for Exxaro, meanwhile training their engineering team to master all necessary skills to operate and maintain the network. To ensure hardware replacements can be completed in the shortest possible timeframe, Huawei established seven spare parts centers throughout South Africa, giving Exxaro increased peace of mind.

Experts Matter

Fast and efficient support is impossible without digital and intelligent technologies, but experienced experts also matter.

Huawei combines an intelligent, digital support platform with expert experience. This allows 95% of the known faults to be analyzed within 30 minutes, and 95% of the unknown faults to be analyzed within 24 hours. 99% of the network faults are solved within 2 hours. This ensures the customers' service continuity.

Turkish Airlines was facing significant challenges in its pursuit of digital transformation. To provide better support to the airline, their Service Level Agreement (SLA) for spare parts delivery was upgraded from Next Business Day to 4 hours. Besides spare part replacements, Huawei onsite experts have provided troubleshooting, technical training, system health checks, and many more tasks. Biral Ekşi, Chief Executive Officer (CEO) and Member of the Board at Turkish Airlines, speaks highly of Huawei's products and services: "My team has been reporting good news to me about the project, We really appreciate Huawei's hard work in the transformation and upgrade of our new airport. You have built a reassuring Turkish Airlines system."

Built on Trust

Experienced experts are important to building trusted O&M services, and MyNET is a good example. MyNET provides a range of IT services to its Austrian customers, all of whom require 100% available network connections. After reviewing MyNET's legacy network infrastructure, Huawei suggested a new solution that reduced TCO while significantly improving network quality. Huawei's support team responded immediately to MyNET's requests for technical consultation, and helped to efficiently resolve any post-sales problem. Along with this, Huawei organized training and certification programs to help the company's staff become familiar with Huawei's equipment. Today, the MyNET IT team includes Huawei Certified ICT Associates (HCIAs), Huawei Certified Pre-Sales Associates (HCPAs), and Huawei Certified ICT Experts (HCIEs) — an impressive list. The MyNET team is continuing their learning journey, using Huawei online training material to further expand their knowledge.

MyNET has been impressed by the service from Huawei. Thanks to the successful implementation of the solution the network is now ready to meet future service requirements, providing a solid foundation for continued business success.

To better meet customer expectations, Huawei Enterprise Service supports 18 different languages, providing 24/7 remote services, and also provides self-service capabilities. Customers can obtain technical support in a variety of ways, through the enterprise service app or webpage, or through the use of an intelligent virtual assistant. They can browse technical forums, read the elaborate product documentation, use the intelligent Question and Answer tool and search engine, or consult community forums.

Simplicity Over Complexity

"Providing simplicity to our customers and handling complexity ourselves" is a motto for Huawei. Huang shengfang, head of Huawei GSC, said: “Huawei Enterprise's Global Service Center (GSC) is a one-stop comprehensive service platform for global customers and partners to address digital transformation challenges”. The platform has four main functions: technical support, remote delivery, network O&M, and marketing and channel support. Globally Huawei has established three GSCs, five regional TACs, and three country TACs, to ensure customers' continuous business operation. Huawei is dedicated to provide a first-rate customer experience through ongoing innovation and best practices.

Huawei has also established several remote delivery and network management centers. More than 100 experts are continuously providing remote pre-deployment engineering services to customers around the world. A comprehensive cyber security management system ensures a secure service delivery. Huawei is also certified by a range of international standards organizations, in information security management and service management. In 2020, Huawei Enterprise Service EMEA received the Rated Outstanding certification from the Technical Services Industry Association (TSIA). According to TSIA, this certification proves that Huawei's technical support services have reached the highest industry standard in Europe, the Middle East, and Africa (EMEA).

Every Effort is Worthwhile

"I was relieved when I saw on TV that the children were in relatively good condition. I experienced many firsts over those seven days and nights: my first time climbing a mountain in a foreign country, my first time taking part in an international rescue." This is what Huawei engineer Yan Liming wrote in his diary.

In 2018, a group of teenagers went missing on a caving expedition. As the world grew increasingly worried about the boys' plight, onsite rescue attempts were being hindered by a lack of communications. In response, Huawei experts provided technical support and remained at the site for days to ensure that emergency communications channels were open and stable. Yan Liming was the first Huawei rescuer to reach that site.

"Later on, one of my local colleagues asked how I felt. I said that, although I only played a small part, I was proud that I contributed to the mission. I will always remember how my colleagues and I raced against time deploying Huawei's emergency communications solution to assist with the rescue attempt. The children were saved and that made every effort worthwhile."

Just Take Action

Huawei works hard to safeguard network communications, even during a crises.

Here are some examples of Huawei going the extra mile during and after a crisis: the Fukushima Daiichi nuclear disaster in 2011, the 8.1 magnitude earthquake in Nepal in 2015, the Java blackout in Indonesia in 2019, and the Luzon earthquake in the Philippines in 2019. With people's lives in disarray, Huawei rushed in to provide support. That is because Huawei understands what communication means to emergency disaster relief efforts. And Huawei also knows that it has a duty to always maintain stable online communications, in any event. During the past several years Huawei Enterprise Service has supported more than 500 major events and has assisted with disaster relief work after more than 50 natural catastrophes. It has established a complete process, ensuring an efficient response in such scenarios.

Huawei is ready to work with customers and use the power of its platform to drive digital transformation and enterprise upgrades over the long-term, and always with an eye toward the future. Many customers around the world trust Huawei to provide them with world-class services, and we look forward to providing our trusted services to many more customers.

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