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  • huawei ai powered cloudengine pc

    Establish Business Cloud for Providing an Extensive and Better Cloud Service


BLUE Smart Services is a wholly owned subsidiary of BLUE Consult GmbH, located in Krefeld. They are experts for IT cloud management and cloud operation. As a cloud solution provider, their core competencies lie in the operation and management of high-quality cloud & multi-cloud solutions as well as in the operation & services of cloud infrastructures. BSS offers tailor-made and scalable solutions for the digital business at today and tomorrow. With the Hosted Business Solutions, enterprises gain all the benefits of modern cloud computing solutions.

Key requirement

BSS is currently running a commercial VMware virtualization platform for its B2B hosting business. This VMware platform is built in 2 DCs. Each DC has a set of VMware management nodes to ensure management DR. Service resources are shared between the 2 DCs. BSS wants to establish a new B cloud to serve his customers with necessary cloud service, the key requirements of this cloud are multi-tenancy, self-service provision, service high availability and reduce the TCO. It can meet the long-term evolution driven by bandwidth, intelligent service in the future.

Huawei Solution and Highlights

Huawei solution consists of CloudEngine 16800, CloudEngine 6881 and CloudEngine 5855 (short name as CE16800, CE6881, and CE5855). The DCN is for two Data Centers which are working as redundant platform. As shown in below figure, core switch CE16804 and Access switch CE6881 are organized in Spine-Leaf mode, which brings more efficient transferring and scaling out capability, two CE16804 in each Data Center are virtualized into a logic Fabric system, two Fabric systems in each Data Center are interconnected to keep synchronized in-time and improve the reliability of whole network. Spine and Leaf switches are connected via 40G currently, which is capable of upgrading to 100G in the future accordingly, the core switch can upgrade to 400G smoothly. This solution supports BGP-EVPN function, and VxLAN can be enabled for wider and quite efficient networking.

CE16800 and CE6881 are designed based on new architecture and chip set with industry leading features and performance. CE16800 series have an embedded AI chip built for the AI era. It uses innovative iLossless algorithm to learn and train network-wide traffic, implement zero packet loss and E2E us-level latency, and achieve maximum throughput. Using Huawei's VRP8 software platform, CE16800 series switches provide stable, reliable, and secure high performance L2/L3 switching capabilities to help build an elastic, virtualized, and high quality network.

The CE 16800 series switches use an advanced hardware architecture design. It provides up to 576*100GE, 576*40 GE, 2,304*25GE, or 2,304*10GE line rate ports. The CE 16800 series switches use an industry leading backplane free Clos architecture and provide industrial grade reliability. The switches support comprehensive data center service features. Their front to back airflow design suits data center equipment rooms, and the innovative energy conservation technologies greatly reduce power consumption.

CE6881 series switches are next generation 10GE access switches that provide high performance and high port density on data center networks. The CE6881 series have advanced hardware architecture with 40GE/100GE uplink ports and high density 10GE access ports. Using Huawei's VRP8 software platform, CE6881 series switches support extensive data center features and high stacking capabilities. In addition, the CE6881 series use a flexible le airflow design (front to back or back to front). CE6881 series can work with CE16800 core switches to build elastic, virtual, and high quality 40GE/100GE full mesh networks, meeting requirement s of cloud computing data centers.

Customer Benefit
  • Higher Performance: Highest dense of line card, up to 5 times of 100G/400G port than industry, it has also highest capacity: 19.2Tbit/s. It can easily and smoothly upgrade from 40G->100G->400G with high dense interface card, which makes infrastructure invest not only for current business expansion, but also long-term innovation.
  • AI Powered for AI Era: With AI Brain, it is capable of rich function as fault prediction, network auto-optimization, iLossless algorithm and edge decision-making. It’s ready for AI era.
  • VxLAN Ready with BGP-EVPN feature: CE16800 supports centralized and distributed VXLAN deployment and supports various VXLAN access modes, including QinQ access VXLAN. This allows for flexible customization of heterogeneous networks.
  • Low Power Consumption: Intelligent switching of power modules in milliseconds, improving the power supply efficiency by 95% per rack unit. Industry’s first mixed-flow fans, reducing the power consumption per bit by 50%.     
  • Openness and Programmability Enable Agile Deployment and O&M: CE16800 uses the Open Programmability System (OPS) embedded in the VRP8 software platform to provide programmability at the control plane. It provides the standard NETCONF interface for third party software to invoke, that enables programming of functions and integration with third party software, providing openness and flexibility.