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  • Tsinglan School: Smart Education Solution Advances Students’ Development


Tsinglan School is a K-12 international school founded by Huawei Investment & Holding Co., Ltd. and Tsinghua High School. It is a modern school, blending the best of Chinese and international ideas, that provides talent with infinite possibilities for the digital future.

Boundless classrooms, limitless knowledge sharing

Tsinglan School follows a contemporary approach to pedagogy. It emphasizes that students can absorb knowledge like a sponge and form their own core knowledge system. Education in the digital age transcends the boundaries of traditional campuses and classrooms.

A young teacher helping students with an engineering task at Tsinglan School, which works with Huawei


Student growth

Tsinglan School attaches great importance each student’s personal development and values families’ interest in their child’s progress. Thus, it promotes family-school cooperation and stays in close contact with families and wider society. Traditionally, both schools and parents have paid little attention to student growth. However, today’s education requires more attention directed to student personalized growth and greater active engagement between families and schools. 


Against this backdrop, Huawei carefully studied Tsinglan’s requirements. They subsequently built a smart system based on the Digital Platform and video cloud technology. This system aimed to help Tsinglan turn its educational vision into a reality.

Equipped with the powerful cloud computing and cloud storage capabilities of the Digital Platform, Huawei worked with Tsinglan School to build digital libraries and desktop cloud-based multimedia classrooms. This enabled them to extend the concept of the "classroom". Students can get knowledge through mobile terminals anytime and anywhere, to embark on an endless journey of exploration. In this new environment, teaching is both extended and enriched. Students enjoy easy access to learning materials so they can find answers to their questions and then apply it. Built on the Digital Platform, Tsinglan’s smart teaching system strengthens interactions between teachers and students both inside and outside classrooms. It enriches students’ learning experiences and transforms what was once a one-way knowledge transfer into a bi-directional knowledge exchange. The system allows students to obtain more knowledge through technical methods. It supports stimulating their interest in their learning and thinking ability. It helps them better understand the world they live in.

Highlights and emotional change curves

The smart system takes photos or videos of students at specific times and places from the moment students enter the school to the time they leave. It records students’ classes, dining, and other activities. Parents can view their children’s status through the Growth Footprint page on their mobile phones. Thus, information sharing for communication purposes becomes quick, effective, timely, and accurate. Parents can obtain and view their children’s video images according to the child’s time and location. They can also access children’s highlights and emotional change curves. The intelligent system analyzes multi-dimensional student data using its video cloud analysis capability. AI-powered behavioral and emotional judgment helps parents analyze children’s emotions, address atypical emotional reactions, and provide appropriate advice.

A montage of students participating in activities at Tsinglan School, which works with Huawei

Comprehensive security protection builds a safe campus

Huawei’s Digital Platform uses cross-system linkage capabilities to provide comprehensive security management for the campus. With regards to person and vehicle access management, visitors can register their identities and vehicle information in advance. This information is then shared with barrier gates and access control systems. This facilitates the access of visitors and staff while ensuring campus security. Also, intelligent HD cameras are connected to the video cloud for analysis. These cameras connect to a system that issues alarms when it detects an abnormality. This is aside from recording students’ performance in school. As there are a large number of students on campus, panic may occur at the sound of a fire alarm. The Intelligent Operations Center (IOC) provides scenario visualization, management, and control capabilities. During abnormal or emergency scenarios, the IOC makes an instant assessment of the scene and collects information about people, objects, and incidents, to deliver efficient emergency management. It comprehensively safeguards the campus to ease parents’ security concerns, allows students to focus on their studies, and facilitates the school’s efficient management.


The platform enables teams of teachers to develop a new interactive teaching method and provide personalized learning and teaching environments using digital technologies. This unleashes students’ innovative potential, and offers technical support to transfer this school into an international front-runner of K-12 education.

Huawei has applied full-stack, all-scenario ICT capabilities to facilitate smart education campus construction. Its Digital Platform helped Tsinglan School build a cutting-edge, secure, and intelligent campus. The school can now focus on teaching management, students can fulfill their potential, and parental concern can center on student growth. Huawei will strive to help Tsinglan School optimize teaching environments, through the company’s renowned cutting-edge ICT. Together with Huawei, the Tsinglan education team will be able to completely develop their teaching capabilities. Smart campus represents the direction of future technological development. Huawei will spare no effort to support smart education. In this way, Huawei develops talent for the intelligent future, starting with construction of a campus.

The lush Tsinglan school campus, located in Dongguan, South China, partly funded by Huawei