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Sinotrans Modernizes Logistics with Huawei

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Sinotrans Modernizes Logistics with Huawei

2013/7/24 15:21:54


Sinotrans Guangdong Co., Ltd. of China is a large global service network, providing international freight, harbor, water transport, warehousing, shipping agency, and air express services for customers around the world. Some 5,000 employees work in 50 branches located in Guangdong, Hong Kong, and Macau, and in outlets scattered in all major cities within the Pearl River Delta region.


Sinotrans needed to modernize its logistics services, but lacked a modern, global, multiple-function IT system. Realizing that IT was the core of Sinotrans’ services, the company listed the deficiencies of its current system:

  • Low communications efficiency
  • Existing office applications, email, telephone conferencing, video conferencing, and network fax systems worked independently, reducing communications efficiency and failing to meet the challenges of a fiercely competitive business market
  • Low work efficiency

Collaboration among employees, officials, customers, resellers, and partners plays a critical role in the daily operation and future development of a logistics company. Sinotrans’ existing office systems were based on PC clients and could not support mobile applications for employees, reducing office efficiency.


Huawei developed a Unified Communications and Collaboration (UC&C) platform using Huawei servers, solutions, and systems for enhanced services such as voice communications, instant messaging, video conferencing, and extension numbers:

  • Call control server
  • UC server (enterprise address book, instant messaging, and status display)
  • Multimedia conferencing system
  • SmartCall Unified Messaging System (UMS)
  • Security
  • Recording solution
  • PC, Web, and mobile phone client
  • Charging and report system
  • Enhanced Message Service (EMS)


The Huawei solution improved Sinotrans’ business competitiveness with these features:

  • Communication-office collaboration

The UC client integrates office systems such as the enterprise portal, service workflow, email, network fax, meeting system, and MSN Web portal and related Internet services and Apps for Windows and mobile devices. Users with PC clients can implement Single Sign-On (SSO) logins for more efficient office systems integration.

  • Communication-service collaboration

This solution integrates communications and service systems, and enables optimization of 28 service workflows. When an employee receives a workflow, the system automatically sends a message to the employee’s UC client. The employee then clicks the link to log in to the workflow system.

  • Efficient mobile office

The solution enables employees to use PCs, tablets, and mobile terminals to log in to the office and service systems, ensuring a consistent user experience across an assortment of system terminals. Employees can use mobile phones and tablets to approve workflows, reducing average approval time by 20 percent. Employees can use the enterprise address book service to search for a number and make a call within 30 seconds improving call initiation efficiency by 50 percent.

What’s more, Sinotrans reaped the following:

  • Improvement in the company’s operation efficiency by 40 percent
  • Savings of approximately USD $615 thousand in communications
  • Reduction in the number of maintenance personnel to four from 64
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