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  • Huawei Integration Enhances Zhenyun Technology DC


Tianjin Zhenyun Technology Development Co., Ltd. (Zhenyun Technology) is a platform and a park operation company, developing and operating the “China (Tianjin) Information Service Industrial Park” in Beijing-Tianjin High Village Science and Technology Innovation Park in Wuqing District, Tianjin. The industrial park is dominated by Internet Data Center (IDC) and cloud computing solutions. It is a multi-functional composite technology park that integrates an information hub, advanced technology display of information services, enterprise incubation, professional training, and business services.

The data center project of China (Tianjin) Information Service Industrial Park, which was officially launched in mid-September 2017, is the largest data center construction project for Zhenyun Technology to date. The construction area is 24,985 square meters, which includes designs and plans for 2,918 cabinets.


  • Deploy quickly and get online as soon as possible, according to market positioning and tenant requirements.
  • Achieve a leading level of Power Usage Effectiveness (PUE) value, compliant with the construction level, that balances the investment and operation costs.
  • The data center is required to be safe and reliable to meet the high reliability level of construction standards, according to user needs.
  • Solution

    To meet Zhenyun Technology’s requirements, Huawei provides its professional Data Center Integration Service including consulting, design, implementation, testing, and operations and maintenance evaluation. In addition, Huawei provides its Modular Data Center Solution which enables reliability, efficiency, and simplicity to ensure that the data center design complies with the highest reliability, security, quality, and green construction standards.

    As Zhenyun Technology required rapid deployment and energy savings, Huawei adopts the micro-module data center solution, pre-installed and pre-commissioned at the factory to save more than 30% of deployment time. The modular architecture enables flexible expansion to easily match the capacity and IT equipment density need of future business challenges. Huawei completed 36 micro-modules in two months, 92 micro-modules in four months, and quickly deployed a total of 2,918 cabinets, enabling the rapid launch of services.

    In terms of high reliability, the DC construction meets Tier III+ equipment room standards: power distribution adopts the “2N” configuration; the cooling is “N+1” configuration; and the key load of the equipment room matches “2N” configuration. To ensure the security and reliability of the power supply system, Huawei provides up to 48 high-power modular UPSs as high-quality backup power for IT devices and important auxiliary units. Huawei modular UPS5000-E uses the most-advanced topology and modular design to achieve 99.999 percent high availability. In addition, the modular design supports online hot-swap of each module, reducing the device maintenance time and greatly reducing the risk of service interruption.

    In terms of green energy savings, with Huawei in-row air conditioners, aisle containment technologies, and efficient modular UPS, the PUE of the entire data center is lower than 1.38. The in-row air conditioner is installed side-by-side with the cabinet, which effectively solves the problem of local hot spots in the equipment room —in addition, the cooling is more accurate, and reduces energy consumption. With cold and hot air isolation, the cooling efficiency of the air conditioner is effectively improved, the PUE is reduced, and the operational costs are greatly lowered.


    Fastest time-to-market — 4 months for ultra-large data centers to go online

    • Based on Huawei’s mature delivery methodology, delivery expert resource pool, and delivery experience of more than 1.4 million square meters of DCs worldwide, smooth delivery and 20% of business time-to-market for customers is ensured.
    • With the adoption of the Huawei modular data center solution, rapid deployment and installation on site was achieved through pre-installation and pre-commissioning at the factory — complete project delivery was made in just 4 months. The deployment time is less than 50% of the traditional data center and saves 30% of business time-to-market for the customer.

    Efficient operation and maintenance, as well as green energy savings; the PUE is lower than 1.38

    • With Huawei in-row air conditioners, aisle containment technologies, and efficient modular UPS, the PUE of the entire data center is lower than 1.38.
    • Huawei’s unified operations and maintenance platform enables data center visual management and fault early warning management, achieving efficient and reliable O&M.

    Safe and reliable; high reliability solution and product guarantee to create Tier III+ environment

    • The overall solution is built according to the Tier 3+ equipment room standard, and the key load is “2N” type resource configuration, which makes the tenant business run reliably and continuously, and enhances good market reputation.
    • The machine room includes modular machine room products, prefabricated at the factory, and adopts the product standard quality control process to deliver a quality project, greatly improves the delivery, and ensures the safe operation of the machine room environment.
    • Huawei’s modular data center solution has created a high-performance, intelligent, and green data center for Zhenyun Technology — laying the foundation for further cooperation and providing a further example of better data center products and services for end customers.