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iKnow: Huawei's Intelligent Customer Service Chatbot Solves Your Technical Problems


In a digital age defined by game-changing technologies — from mobile Internet to Artificial Intelligence (AI) — life is lived at lightning speed, making fast and smooth customer service essential. This is where the value of automated customer service becomes abundantly clear. With traditional service channels, including phone and e-mail, unable to provide the immediate resolution that many consumers expect, the rapid growth in new services as well as the unexpected pandemic has only further driven home the point: efficient problem resolution is key to the customer experience.

To address this area of need, Huawei Enterprise's Global Service Centers (GSCs), working together with Huawei 2012 Laboratories and the AI Enablement Department, have developed the enterprise intelligent customer service chatbot, iKnow, a 24/7 online assistant that helps solve user problems in a simple and efficient way.

One-Stop Intelligent Problem-Solving Platform

iKnow offers powerful and innovative functions, from Natural Language Processing (NLP) to intent recognition and intelligent search. With such functions, the system is able to directly provide answers to existing questions, drawn from a comprehensive database. In addition, if customers do not get the answer they are looking for, they can simply click "Live Chat" to contact a Huawei customer service agent who is available 24/7 in all major languages. Engineers can use this intelligent platform assistant to improve the dynamism of information searching, quickly solving user problems.

Full Coverage of Huawei Enterprise Products and Technologies

iKnow has access to the entire knowledge base of the Huawei Enterprise Business Group, which includes information on more than 1,000 mainstream products, 200,000 product documents, 200 service tools, and 3,000 project practices. This intelligent customer service chatbot leverages technologies such as data mining, Machine Learning (ML), and knowledge management, integrating a wealth of expert experience and making full use of Huawei's extensive case library. User fault information is compared with the existing cloud-based knowledge base to quickly and conveniently solve user problems, ultimately improving overall customer satisfaction.

Accurate Answers in Diverse Forms

iKnow is capable of answering more than 65,000 technical and product questions, covering hundreds of typical pre- and post-sales scenarios. The online assistant allows users to see all kinds of information about products — from overviews to 3D models, brochures, and image galleries — as well as a large number of Massive Open Online Courses (MOOCs). iKnow is available either through a web browser or via Huawei Enterprise's app, HiKnow. By scanning the serial number of devices, customers can obtain information instantly, including the maintenance status and license information, and get step-by-step online guidance on onsite operations.

iKnow is already solving approximately one million technical queries annually for global users, who have enjoyed the optimized, efficient service experience brought by this automated, quick, and accurate response system.

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