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Service Platform & Assurance, Huawei Service Continues for You


In light of the current global health crisis, workers across the world either have to temporarily stop their activities completely or start to work from home. As a result, telecommuting, online collaboration and remote teaching have become pervasive.

For Enterprise IT departments, the sudden surge in online activities has brought about a sharp rise in requirements for IT resources, as well as for IT infrastructure expansion and operation.

These requirements are at odds with the decline in available engineering manpower and capabilities due to the various restrictions, making this a big challenge for Enterprise IT departments. Here are some examples of the difficulties they are facing:

1. IT Resource Requirements: Without the availability of the IT infrastructure, remote online working is impossible. Efficient remote working depends on the bandwidth and VPN gateway performance, and online conferencing services rely on servers and storage.

2. Construction and Operation Requirements: Incremental IT infrastructure resources such as storage and servers are the result of new or expanded projects, which normally requires onsite engineers to execute and finish these projects.

3. Reduced Manpower and Capabilities: Due to various restrictions, engineers are often unable to travel onsite, or spare parts cannot be delivered to the site quickly. This will impact the implementation or expansion of IT resources and operational activities will also be impacted.

Huawei's mission is to be customer-centric; we continue to stand by our customers in times of crisis.

Despite the current circumstances, we deliver uninterrupted high-quality services. Huawei has implemented the following enhancements to ensure the continuity of our service delivery:

1. If you need additional IT equipment: We have reduced logistical complexity and risk in the supply chain to ensure that goods can be delivered to you through multiple channels, such as Diversified Supply Chain.

2. If you have a project to be delivered: Local Huawei engineering resources are available in various locations. We also provide fast remote engineering services, with over 100 experts working from our main service centers to cover the different business hours in all countries around the world.

3. If you have a technical issue to be resolved: Our technical support platform provides 24x7 online technical support in 18 languages, with specialists from 170+ countries and regions helping to answer questions and provide recommendations. The online support platform is diversified and flexible to meet your needs.

4. If your device needs to be replaced: We have made sure that spare parts are in sufficient supply in our warehouses, and can be delivered onsite through multiple logistics channels.

For more detailed information, you can join our online webinar on 9th April, 2020.

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